Bhutan PM wants world to prioritse people’s happiness

His Excellency Tshering Tobgay’s Inspiring Address


Urges Governments to Fo-cus on Pursuit of Happi-ness over Pursuit of Profit

Slowly but surely, governments are accept-ing that the solution to happiness and well-being clearly lies in changing the very purpose and goal of development, stated His Excellency Tshering Tobgay, Prime Minister of Bhutan and leader of the People’s Democratic Party in Bhutan.

true level of happiness in the planet would certain-ly go up.”

His Excellency Tsher-ing Tobgay began his address by showcasing a series of photos. Speaking about the relevance and timeliness of the Global Dialogue on Happiness, he reiterated that the United Arab Emirates was well-qualified to host this discourse.



He said: “Here in the UAE, you have a minister for happiness, a minister for the future, a minis-ter for tolerance – this is ground-breaking. You are certainly ahead of the pack in defining your ulti-mate goal as the happi-ness and well-being of the Emirati people.”


As part of his address, His Excellency Tshering Tobgay elaborated upon the four inter-related pillars of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) – equitable social

economic development, protection of culture, pres-ervation of environment and good governance. He further explained the nine domains that influ-ence the happiness and well-being of Bhutan’s people, namely stand-ard of living, health, education, environment, governance, psychologi-cal well-being, time use, cultural resilience and community vitality. He placed the last four do-mains at the cutting-edge of government develop-ment philosophy.



Bhutan’s 2015 GNH survey results indicated a lower level of happi-ness in rural areas, which prompted the government to announce measures

to step up programs to improve rural livelihood and increase maternity leave threefold from two months to six months.


(Courtesy: Khaleej Times)


In his main address titled ‘The Role of Govern-ment in Achieving Hap-piness’ at the opening session of the First Global Dialogue on Happiness preceding the fifth edition of the World Government Summit, he added: “If the basic purpose of develop-ment were changed from the pursuit of profit to the pursuit of well-being in all its dimensions, the