Well! Once open a time, that’s in the days of yore, Bhutan was self-sufficient in all round that is as far as food sufficiency & related products are concerned. But today our country has started to even import seasonal vegetables from neighbouring countries.

We never started harvesting the potential in the country until the birth of Coronavirus in the universe. But during these Covid period due to lock down crunch, Bhutanese people were forced to harvest the fields for their sustainability in the kingdom,

I wish Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to continue for all along with further study in the field as far as cost of productions are concern so that reasonable pricing could be adopted for good. We know it’s all due to the heavy price within the country for its production as compared with the products of the neighbouring states.

The Ministry must carry out research works and studies in different location as far as cost of productions are concerned & price the product accordingly on actual cost on a comparable basis.

I hope it will definitely come lower than imported goods. In addition we can have more organic vegetables for the better use.

As far as egg production are concern we are more or less self-sufficient & we even export to the other neighbouring countries for good & I must say it as a price of development. In the same manner Bhutan should replace imports from other countries in vegetables & other food related items in the country at least.

Because for instance neighbouring countries import potatoes from Bhutan & then they convert into chips & sell back to Bhutan on a much higher cost to Bhutan, like that there are many items played in the same manner. 

Tshering, Thimphu