Former Gelephu Thrompon wins from Jampelling Demkhong

Sangay Rabten


The commencement of the third Local Government Elections saw former Gelephu Thrompon, Tikaram Kafley winning from Jampelling Demkhong as a nominee for the post of Thrompon.

He secured 83 votes out of 117 votes cast during the Dhamngoi Zomdu held yesterday while another contestant, Harka Singh Tamang, secured 34 votes.

From the total voters turn out, there were 66 male and 51 female voters. Jampelling Demkhong has 279 eligible voters with 152 male and 127 female voters. 46 male and 76 female registered voters did not turn up to exercise their franchise.

According to dzongkhag election officials, the registered voters who could not turn up during the Dhamngoi Zomdu are out of the dzongkhag. One of the main reasons stated by the officials for lower voter turnout is “facing difficulties with quarantine protocols.”

The winning candidate from Jampelling Demkhong said that the public have responded to his affection towards the true son of Gelephu. “I have deep desire for the people and they understand me,” Tikaram Kafley said, adding truth always wins.

Harka Singh Tamang, who lost the contest, said that he has faith in the election and respect the people’s choice.

Choki (45) from Jampelling Demkhong said that people obviously should vote for the candidate who brings overall development. She said, “The elected member keeps on developing the core town but give less focus to exterior vicinity.” She added that they should bring equal development in the entire Thromde area.

Sangngag Tenzin (72) said that in fact there is no single candidate who has the complete potential for the Thrompon’s post. However, as something is better than nothing, he said that people are bound to vote for better candidate who ever is contesting for the post.

He said that the elected representatives have been working as per the policy and plan and there are no comments on infrastructure development. “Now, they should work for door to door connectivity.”

Another voter Subha Adhikeri (42) said that people should choose a Thrompon who can bring improvement in recreational facilities, disability friendly footpath, use barren land for public benefit and complete the undone work.

Therchung Kencho (62) said bringing infrastructure development is not a necessity anymore. “But we (public) want comfortable public service.” He said that people don’t want to visit offices for paying bills and taxes, struggling in cue and wasting time. He also wishes that the young elected member should consult with senior citizens for urban development.

Both the candidates shared their pledges of improving road and footpaths, street lights, create parks and build recreational facilities, improve public services, bring changes in policy and planning to transform Gelephu as one of the southern hub according to the vision laid by His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

The election officials present during the Dhamngoi Zomdu said that the election was free and fair. “There were no complaints from public nor were there any technical hitches,” the officials said.

As notified by Election Commission of Bhutan, the Dhangoi Zomdu in Trashiling will take place today followed by Rabdeyling, Namkhaling, Sonam Gatshel and Samdrupling till 25th of this month.

Gelephu Thromde has six Demkhongs.