Race for Thrompon chair begins in Phuentsholing

Uttar Kurmar Rai

Starting an effective and efficient transport system in all the places under Phuentsholing LAP is Uttar Kumar Rai’s top priority

Sonam Penjor

Should Uttar Kumar Rai, 39, from Nyedrag Constituency in Phuentsholing, who is re-contesting for the Phuentsholing Thromde Thrompon, get elected again, his immediate priorities would be to start an effective and efficient transport service in all the places under the Local Area Planning (LAPs).

He said with this done, Phuentsholing will never see traffic congestion which has become a nightmare for residents of the border town largely considered the economic hub of the country.

Uttar Kumar Rai said that streets in Phuentsholing were not healthy or livable for many decades.

There are many factors linked that had caused the town to fail from being healthy and successful. He said proper planning is one of the factors that lacked in Phuentsholing town. But with time, he added, Phuentsholing town is getting more attractive and healthy.

“In my tenure as the Thrompon, my vision has always been to make it clean, green and prosperous through proper planning, which we have already carried out and working accordingly phase-wise and based on the resources available.” Uttar Kumar said.

He added the LAP review and Urban Designs are the main tools that he will be adopting and reinforcing to make our Phuentsholing Town more attractive, successful and vibrant, and with clean and adequate drinking water.

Uttar Kumar added that he will also focus on developing other facilities such as quality roads, proper footpaths, good drainage system, proper management of solid waste, effective and efficient public transportation and public safety and security are equally a requirement in our lives.

He said without these facilities in place the thromde wouldn’t be viable and successful. Therefore, his primary priority this time will be to provide 100 percent to these key areas and eradicate every related problem.

He further said that traffic congestion in Phuentsholing has reduced more than 90 percent today compared to how it was few years ago.

“To eradicate such problems we executed several mega projects, out of which a few are ongoing and at the verge of completion,” he said.

If elected, he said he would prioritize in strive to eradicate such as water problems, traffic congestion, housing shortage, waste problems and storm drainage problems.

Further, he said that he will strive to setup an one stop grievance redressal centre Chaired by Thrompon, additional primary health facilities to other areas like in Pasakha and satellite clinic at core town, additional educational centres to extended areas like in Pekarzhing and Pasakha, and prioritize land pooling issues of Thromde and implement fair taxation on properties among others.

Besides, he said he will also focused on construction of direct access road from Rinchending to Pekarzhing, widen 4-Lane road from RBA junction till integrated check point, Omchhu riverfront development, craft bazaar, theme park, cable car (DPR) and water Kingdom.

Meanwhile, for safety of the town and the people, he said, “I have in my agenda and highest priority, the immediate and urgent objective of providing Phuentsholing international standard ICT-based security and surveillance (CCTV), functional street lights, proper drainages, proper footpaths and highly effective disaster rescue team institutionalize.”

Furthermore, Uttar Kumar said initiating energy saving initiatives and incentives, implementing “green building concept” in design and construction of buildings, engaging local community in combining indigenous knowledge based and scientific knowledge based strategies in ensuring robust climate change responses among other would be institutionalize in the local government systems.