Still not time to be complacent

Paradoxically, right after the first rollout of covidshield vaccination program, our people tend to be complacent trying to ease themselves from complying with COVID-19 protocols.

While we understand that people must be feeling uncomfortable to wear mask all the time and are burdened to keep distance and wash hands all the times, it is still too early to let our guards off and be complacent.

People were expecting and even there were rumours that quarantine practices for people travelling from higher risk to less risk would be lifted after vaccination.  

But according to the health experts, COVID-19 vaccines provide strong immunity against coronavirus infection only after the second dose. It seems not many are aware of it.

And right now, a lot of courageous people are working around the clock to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Right from the top to bottom, they are dedicating tirelessly to protect us from the virus.

From our complacent culture –‘khaymed’ (doesn’t matter) desiring for lull would invite the risk of pandemic again. The health ministry says the country cannot afford another outbreak at the cost of complacency and is advising the public to follow COVID protocols seriously.

The health ministry has observed that people are becoming complacent after the nationwide vaccination program. People are not mindful of COVID-19 protocol practices-such as using hand sanitizer and wearing face mask are almost forgotten. The prevention measures set up in public places and institutions are underutilized by people assuming that it is safe after vaccination.

Unfortunately, the country is witnessing a surge in new Covid-19 cases, where artists from Royal Academy of Performing Arts and a journalist tested positive returning from Bangladesh. However, we can take respite from the fact that they are all imported cases.

Another worrying trend is the surge of positive cases in India which recorded 13,205,926 and 1,68,467 according to Worldometer as of yesterday. In Assam and West Bengal the record of positive cases are also increasing. West Bengal saw 1,819 new cases while is Assam recorded 176 new cases till yesterday.

Certainly, there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty about whether the virus will actually subside or spread further. If out of our complacent and risk from neighboring Indian states, it will lead to quarantines and travel restrictions and yet another dreaded lockdown which no one dares happen.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be lulled into a sense of false security merely because will be not affected as we are vaccinated. That’s the worst kind of complacency.

We should encourage each other not to become complacent in adhering to COVID-19 protocols and in the false assumption that the vaccine will protect us. Otherwise, we will be doomed to face the covid war all over again.