Girls outshine boys in Class X exams

Sangay Rabten

Girls have outshone boys in the Class X examination results declared yesterday by Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment for Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education (CBSE) 2020.

Srijana Giri from Ugyen Academy, Punakha, bagged the first position with 94.6 percent. Scoring 94 percent, the second position was bagged by Rigzey Lhamo from Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School.

The third positions were shared by three students; Kinzangg Thsomo from Damphu Central School, Yeshi Tsheyang Zam from Ugyen Academy and Namkha Dema from Gesarling Central School, Dagana who all scored 93.6 percent each.

The officials from the education ministry clarified that having all toppers as girls doesn’t connote that boys were incapable but that girls outnumber the total number of students who sat for the exams.

Srijana Giri, 15, was thrilled to hear the news that she topped in Class X examination.  “I have not actually expected to be the national topper,” she said, adding that her achievement is a collective blessing from her teachers, mentors, parents and even friends.

To have owned this success she acknowledges her previous schools like Darlington public school, Sydney, Little Dragon, Thimphu and Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School where she had started her education.

Srijana Giri wants to continue in same school and want to pursue medical study in future. She sends key message to other students that one cannot remain complacent but work hard not just to achieve high grades but to strive for wisdom that will benefit all.

While Bhutan Times couldn’t contact the second position holder Rigzay Lhamo, one of the third position holders Kinzang Tshomo said she was amazed to receive lot of wishes and her picture going viral in media.

She said, “Success is not accidental and my success was not an exception but a combined effort of teachers, parents and my zeal.”  She added that she felt immensely happy and proud to make her parents proud and to have brought Damphu CS in the headlines.

Another third topper Yeshi Tsheyang, 15, said her main drive for academic excellence is due to the constant support and encouragement she received from her school, family and friends who always stood by her and beliefs. While wishing that the results were equally good for all the students, she says its the duty of youth to fulfill the aspiration of the country, teachers and parents and give back after studying well.

Namkha Dema, 17, also a third position holder said that she had a dream to hold position and it came true. She shares that her secret to success is her hard work supported by teachers, parents and friends. She has a dream to be a doctor and would choose to study in Ugyen Academy. “I am proud to be product of Gesarling CS,” she said.  

In the Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education Class X Examination conducted by Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment in March this year, 12,813 appeared the exam from a total of 12,925 registered students from across 124 government and 6 private schools. There were 6,891 female and 5,922 male students who sat for the exams.

The pass percentage of regular students is 96.70 and private students 90.91 while for supplementary students it is 84.62 percent.

Overall, students performed well in Agriculture for Food Security with 92.67 percent while subject-wise-performance for Mathematics is only 46.95 percent.

Likewise, the pass percentage in dzongkha is 69.66percent and 65.83perceent in English.

The overall pass percentage is 96.57 percent with increase of 2.94 percent from the last year. The pass percentage is calculated based on the number of students who passed in Dzongkha and English, and in three other subjects.

However, the pass percentage of boys is on the higher side against girls’ pass percentage of 96.42 percent. Boys fared a notch well by registering a pass percentage of 96.76 percent.

Education minister J.B Rai who was present during Class X result declaration, said that despite pandemic the ministry could declare the result on time. “It is the united effort of all students, teachers, parents and staff in the ministerial office blessed by His Majesty’s guidance and His Holiness Je Khenpo’s prayers,” he said. He also pointed out that students topping from rural like Gesarling CS is a new trend.

On clearing the doubts of the public that this years’ high performance in exam could be because of shortened lessons, officials from the ministry said this cannot be the factor.

The education secretary, Karma Tshering, said that the prioritized curriculum was based on competency of the students and those uncovered chapters were easy ones which students can learn on their own.

A member of the technical assessment team and subject coordinator, Sherub Gyeltshen, said the question pattern was balanced based on lesson contact hours and one cannot point that result was higher due to less curriculum included.

He added it was designed on calculation of 65 percentage in 120 days of teaching and that, normally, there was 100 percent inclusion in syllabus in exam in 180 days teaching. However, 60 days were deducted as it was wasted during the lockdown.

Students obtaining 35 percent can register for higher secondary level starting from 18 till 23 April. Registration for admission in private schools will be done earlier than in government schools and those willing to study in private schools should do online registration with restriction to second optional schools to avoid confusion.

Including toppers, parents and students can decide to choose schools – private or government.

The education minister and secretary said that by now private schools should take care of the quality of education should they get students in future.

Meanwhile, the ministry requests students and parents to be cautious of fake news circulation of announcing cut off point and other non-fact information in social media.

Individual and school results can be assessed from the BCSEA online services- htpp://, online registration system and through SMS.

Srijana Giri from Ugyen Academy stood first by securing 94.6%
Rigzay Lhamo from Lungtenzampa MSS stood second by securing 94.0 %
Kinzang Tshomo from Damphu CS stood third by securing 93.6 %
Yeshey Tsheyang Zam  from Ugyen Academy stood third by securing 93.6 %
Namkha Dema from Gerserling CS stood third by securing 93.6 %