We are successful in conservation of our monuments?

The whole world is in dilemma, it’s on a stage of not knowing what not to do when we speak of environment   and also its conservation of monuments. The world is on a crossroads where almost more than half of its monuments are distorted in this universe and it has become very difficult to restore to its former glory.

In this respect Bhutan is the only country who has maintained the historic monument till now without any alteration. We can see the monument constructed in sixteenth century and even before intact and thriving in the Kingdom. Therefore, the intention in conserving and restoring monuments is to safeguard monuments no less as works of art than as historical evidence.

Our aim should be to preserve and reveal the aesthetic and historic value of the monument in the kingdom. Therefore, Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) might have already started exploring such awareness campaign to educate community in and around on its importance with the help from the government on the stringent adoption and care of monuments.

Nonetheless, the program will have to include strict vigilance action and plan to save monuments by setting up of archaeological departments, collecting and mobilizing of funds through donations for the renovation through the application of chemical treatments for the monument during restoration works. The exercise is important because conservation of heritage buildings is very important because it provides a sense of identity and continuity in a fast changing world for future generation. They constitute together the architectural heritage of the nation. 

Heritage buildings basically represent the past history and culture of a nation. They constitute together the architectural heritage of an area. Heritage buildings basically represent the past history and culture of a nation. As such, if we can maintain this heritage monument forever, it will be the bread and butter for the TCB. We can also invite tourist around the world in the nation of Gross National Happiness to breathe the clean herbal air apart from getting exposures to the historical monuments in for their pleasure and knowhow from the home of last Shangri-La.

At the same time, to showcase the our museums to the outsiders as they are the good source of entertainment as they help to preserve and promote our cultural heritage, as museums are the storehouse of old artifacts’, sculptures, objects & history among others.

As such, I would like to invite the entire valued tourist from all over the world to enjoy such hospitalities in the GNH country. 

Tshering, Thimphu