DHI BizAp Initiates Digital Skill-up Freelancing

Project and group based learning approaches were utilized to ensure efficacy and local experts invited to deliver in-person sessions to ensure holistic learning.

Sangay Rabten

The graduation of the DHI Business Acceleration Program (DHI BizAP) which focused on Digital Skill-Up Freelancing Program for growth of dynamic private sector was held on 6 May this week.

The 25 DHI BizAP graduates coming from various educational backgrounds, like Engineering, Information Technology and Humanities and Business were given new skills to allow them to exploit the global market from with the confines of their own home.

The graduates expressed satisfaction in having undergone the training.

The two-month long course began on the 8March and concluded at the end of April. It focused on delivering actionable and practical knowledge and skills in a fast-moving tech sector, as well giving the participants a guide to penetrating the freelancing market.

Due to the constraints of the COVID situation, however, leveraging the local situation, the training was fully delivered online by the trainers to the trainees in at FITI following all guidance and protocols issued by the Government project officials said.

Project and Group based learning approaches were also utilized to ensure efficacy and local experts also invited to deliver in-person sessions to ensure holistic learning.

DHI in partnership with Forward School, a Malaysia-based tech and future-skills school, helps to provide a bespoke program molded to the unique needs of its Bhutanese participants. Forward School has extensive experience in delivering practical knowledge that is application based and industry ready.

Further, a 6-month aftercare program will provide handholding to the graduates to ensure they have every opportunity for success. All the graduates will be provided with a 2-3 weeks internship by Malaysian firms. 

Some of the graduates will be provided apprenticeships with leading domestic freelancers. The aftercare program will also provide infrastructure support such as working space, internet access, payment access and other similar support organizers said.

According to the press release of DHI, in line with Royal Charter mandate to β€œLead, complement and spearhead the growth of a dynamic private sector”, the organization supports the development of entrepreneurship and a supportive ecosystem. 

The previous DHI BizAP programs focused on accelerating start-ups and advanced stage business proposals and trained 61 Entrepreneurs in 3 cohorts and provided funding amounting to Nu. 18.6 million to 45 entrepreneurs. 

The program is an iteration of DHI BizAP training and focuses on equipping its participants with skills in Digital fluency in areas such as Website Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing complemented by skills in Freelancing and the Gig Economy.

As of 2021, 1.1 billion of the 3.5 billion global work-force are involved in freelancing, and the South Asia Region is already a hotspot for the burgeoning global freelancing market.