Setting up a humble precedence?

In what it could be the first time in the history of Bhutanese politics, a very high profile personal resigning from the post of minister is a gesture of humble acceptance.

Following his conviction by the larger bench of the high court over insurance fraud claiming insurance worth Nu 226,546, the former home minister Dasho Sherub Gyelsthen resigning voluntarily is a respect to the law of the land. He has resigned voluntarily after two years, five months and 29 days as an elected representative.

Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen’s decision to resign from the post came without any external pressure for he wanted to show respect to law and order and have faith in the law in a democracy.

Speaking to the media after formerly resigning from the post he said that as a human being, he thought the case was may be interpreted wrongly during the first verdict since it was based on only one judge but after eight judges have studied the case, it cannot be denied. After same verdict for the third time, he accepts that he may be wrong and it’s not fair if he don’t respect the same laws while himself was involved in enacting laws.

His statement of “we must respect judiciary and not let people think we’re misusing the power by holding onto the same post,” shows his humility and is a true human with no ‘ego.’ He walked out with so much grace and dignity despite the strenuous circumstances.

Despite all hassles against him, his dedication to continue to serve the nation as a citizen shows he is still true son of ‘Palden Drukpa.’

To think beyond his resignation, public know Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen, is a man with values of thadamtshi and leyjudrey. His acceptance of the verdict is about accountability and resignation is about his simplicity.

This is not the first time a Cabinet member has been involved in a court case. But this is the first time a sitting minister has resigned because of a case in the court. A noble person had kept conscience and set exemplary precedence.

While it is unfortunate with the little crime, development that have led to the climax of resignation is painful. We have been attacking for the justice. But now all must be realizing. Are we not losing a man of wisdom? It is, to all, to the nation.

A man endowed with spiritual and modern education who had cognized the phenomena of illusory world has left behind an important lesson.

The home minister’s resignation is a symbol that Bhutanese, no matter how big they stand on the social ladder, will always follow the rule of the law and that justice will prevail in the end.

It is the perfect example of the government’s precepts of equal rule of law. This is commendable!