Bhutanese receives ‘Order of Shakespeare’ medal

Seeta Kumari Rai

Sonam Penjor

Seeta Maya Rai, 18 years old, currently studying in grade 12 in Peljorling Higher Secondary School (HSS) received the honour on the ‘Order of Shakespeare’ medal from the motivational strips, one of the world’s most active writer’s forum.

She was one of the 90 poets across the globe to be honoured and awarded with ‘ Order of Shakespeare Medal ‘ from the prestigious forum ‘ Motivational Strips ‘ one of the most active forum for her creative achievements, writing quality and outstanding contributions in the field of global literary acumen and my devotion towards literature.

The selection criteria for the same was conducted by a board comprising global jury and under stringent evaluation procedure such as content relevance, uniqueness, creativity, wisdom application, and wise great comprehension and amusement elements.

Seeta Maya Rai said, “Though I received many awards from different writing forums, this award that I received from the ‘Motivational Strips’ forum is what I have always desired for since this forum is one of the most active and well-built forum. So, I felt very honoured to be one of the Bhutanese recipients of this award among 90 poets from different countries”

 She said that she started writing poems since early age and it has become her daily chore to ink down piece a day.

“The peaceful environment that I am acquainted with, beauty of the nature, the music of bird’s chirping and the fragrances of flowers around me makes me to write poems because whenever I come across those sceneries, I feel like immortalizing it in pieces of writings that will remain forever etched. So, these thoughts keep me engaged with my poems.”

She said that she spent time on writing poems, stories and other articles as writing gives happiness, it builds ones confidence in writing and speaking, it empowers the thinking capability and gives pleasure to mind. “The more we write, our living becomes more perfect. So, I urge all my friends to write more since writing is the root of education.”

Meanwhile, Seeta Maya Rai is one of the youngest and passionate writers from the country who adapted writing as a hobby since early age.

 “I could still remember my English teacher Kelzang Dorji when I was in class seven in Sengdhyen Lower Secondary School who inspired and guided me to follow the path of literature,” she said.

Writing a piece a day used to be the daily homework that he used to give and by following the same law that he adapted, added Seeta Maya Rai.