New Gelephu Thrompon to focus on progressive change

Gelephu Thrompon elect Tshering Norbu

Sangay Rabten

The newly elected Gelephu Thrompon Tshering Norbu after receiving Dhar from His Majesty The King at Phuntsholing on Friday will be taking Gelephu Throm towards a new path of progressive change.

Though being thankful to the previous Thromde officials for progress made thus far, the new Thrompon will strive to contemplate on the challenges of development process, the city is facing currently. Thrompon Tshering Norbu says he will work on to resolve issues of basic amenities such as drinking water, maintaining roads and drainages, flood protection walls and street lights.

Maintaining basic infrastructure shall be the focus of the Thrompon as he believes that without a strong foundation we cannot venture into other areas of development. He said that at the end of the day, ensuring trust amongst ourselves will be vital in taking Gelephu towards this collective progressive change.

However, he said there will be challenges to fulfill all the pledges as addressed during the campaign. “But I am hopeful to achieve it by using coherent strategies which include timely consultation with the public, effective coordination with relevant government stakeholders, and effective communication with the government of the day.”

The Thrompon is optimistic and believes that Gelephu is a different throm in terms of comparative advantages it has when compared to rest of the throms in Bhutan.  He points out that it is the only throm with an airport, coupled with strategic location and with easy access to international border, and to six other dzongkhags.

He also says Gelephu has lot of potential to achieve economically than what it is at present.

“When I stood for the Thrompon elections, I made voters and the residents clear about my intent to make Gelephu a clean and safe city with progressive economic development. This is what I meant by stating “new direction for developments,” he added.

At the moment curbing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic will be his primary focus. He adds cooperating and coordinating with the Covid-19 National Taskforce Team will be his key focus as nothing triumphs more than the lives of fellow Bhutanese people as His Majesty the King himself has been on frontline to ensure country is safe from pandemic.

Describing the election as an incredible victory against the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic, he says that without the unwavering support of voters this victory wouldn’t have been possible.

He had observed strong coordination and the way the elections were conducted by the Election Commission of Bhutan, who ensured strict adherence of Covid-19 SOP by the voters, was commendable.

 “I want to offer my gratitude to all the people involved in thetire process,” the new Gelephu Thrompon Tshering Norbu said, thanking the people of Gelephu Thromde.