Solar panels can be the new hot tool

The necessities of energy saving has become a crucial issues all over the world, every one of us be it be government or private entrepreneurs, are in the process of hunting for the reliable energy source.

As such, Bhutan Standard Bureau (BSB) is mulling to study more on this subject and to cultivate the idea of roofing the buildings with solar panels in both urban and rural areas.

The concept of lightening homes with beautiful solar and solar roofs that complements your home’s architecture, while also turning sunlight into electricity is also envisaged.

By solar roofing we will be getting advantages of two in one.  It will solve the purpose of roofing as well as generating power through solar energy, and also look aesthetically good in the cities especially on the tall buildings with such roofing facilities.  

Solar panels will not damage your building when installed properly with licensed professionals and many people feel that continuous exposure to some of this electromagnetic radiation can be harmful.  The amount of radiation generated from solar panels or other electronics use in our homes is not enough to harm because the amount of radiation is too small to affect our bodies.

On the other hand if we live in an area with high energy rates and a suitable solar rating and can afford the initial investment, it’s worth installing solar panels in your home. The saving that we earn from solar can take anywhere from seven to 20 years to cover the initial cost, thereafter, in addition to cutting down on your monthly energy bills, solar panels also offer the benefit of adding value to your home. 

As solar panels has low fire hazard, so house equipped with properly installed solar panels will not catch fire in any circumstances.

It may not hold water in the rural house as villagers use their roof space for drying vegetable items at large; like chilies or vegetables. Most of us are in the habit of drying food stuffs at the roof top. We can see many items in the market like dry chilies, vegetables and also meats.

However, we would see the problem of proper drying place to be identified in order to encourage and cultivate the clean practice of hygienic solar drier instead of using roofing floors which is not that hygienic, as such, rural people to use solar drier instead of roof floor for drying. 

Most of the people are worried about the solar panel problems and repairs and as a result holding back the installation of such facilities without knowing the sigh of relief if solar panels are remarkably repairable and easy for maintenance.

There are some tips to know before installing the solar stuffs. In case of roofing, make sure that the roof itself can support the weight of the PV panel array, once that is determined and the panels are properly mounted to the roof they should remain solidly in place.

Thereafter a regular maintenance and inspection is must to relieve any concerns thereafter. Moreover there are also weather-related solar panel problems like dust, wind & leaves.

For that there is nothing to worry because all the solar panels are manufactured to withstand severe weather conditions quite well. So, let us take seriously in this subject and use alternative source of energy