Larger amends to be made in the political gamble

Politics has its place in its sphere and much of it occurs prior to joining in the field when different factions try to convince others that agenda is in best interests of the people.

However, it has become a game and struggle for power.

In reality, politics should be as described by Aristotle as “of, for, or relating to citizens”. And in modern terms the definition of politics is “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power”.

But the practice of politics is really about providing for the citizen, as envisaged in the Greek meaning, or, has the game of politics become an end in itself.

Some personalities have difficulty with showing their frustrations in a beneficial way. And, in the game of politics, is winning the ultimate aim, even if this requires sacrifice of principles?

It is surprising and deplorable witnessing former Druk Phuensum Tshogpa MP Karma Lhamo joining Druk Nyamrp Tshogpa. Public, especially hoping her to still represent as DPT candidate from Monggar constituency in upcoming bye-election defines her power hunger.

They also question her integrity towards the party which groomed her political career.

This is politics as usual and may actually help the party if it leads to more effective practices. These instances should be transparent and not meant to carry favor for hidden agendas or power plays. Yet there are some power tactics seen in industry today. Many former DPT members joined DNT and now are MPs. There are few who joined from one party to another.

Power struggles are usually the most obvious displays of political behavior in politics. These often involve factions taking sides and trying to get their way and can be very destructive to the democracy.

Power can be used for the good of the organization or for the personal gain of individuals and can thus be beneficial or destructive to democracy. Different political games and tactics that are used to gain power is seen as desire for power.

Seeing through the lens of the perpetual politics is path towards misery but it is the one that is moving right now.

While the MP has switched sides and chosen a rival faction, much remains to be seen if she will actually be elected given that people are aware of her ambitions which are unseen, yet loud and clear.

There are values to be considered and amends to be made even if it was as simple as switching parties, which they are inclining to prove, by aptly switching sides at the slightest of intents.