Replace wooden windows with GRC, UPVC & Aluminum’s structures

It’s high time to cultivate the usage of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) fabricated products, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) and aluminum for the windows frames instead of wooden components. By and large it’s very durable and aesthetically looks better in the buildings in and around the country.

It is believed that such productions and facilities are already in the market but not picking up for the full usage in the country. The structure that is molded and looks is very attractive at different locations like above the Memorial Chorten where Dessup Head Office that exist with such structures already in place in and around the country like Ministry of Education and Bhutan National Bank has also provided their Bho & phana with the GRC stuff.  

If needed even window components and other structures like railings are also can be fabricated at large scale and can be supplied to the estate builders like National Housing Development Corporation Limited and private real estate developers and builders. It all depends on how much public would be participating in its usages.

All the products like GRC, UPVC & aluminum are a combination of high strength glass fiber with the cement mortar which will give tough rigid material that has strength to weight ratio superior to the most other commonly used building products in the country.

GRC has proven its determination in providing an alternative material that is more suitable if not more adapt than timber when it comes to traditional Bhutanese designs. Bhutan is under the pressure of providing alternative components instead of wooden products in the country as an alternative to the wood-based sector in the kingdom.

Even the government has set the target in conserving 70% forest cover for all times to come as enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, so is the GRC’s aspirations for such promotion in line with the environmental conservation.

Hence, government must accelerate the plan for its sustainability and create avenue for the betterment at large by setting a company at large scale. At present the existing company is failing to supply and meet the requirement of the customers for the execution and timely supply to the developers. Moreover it’s expensive as there are no competitors in the country.

The Ministry of Works and Human Settlement may take up such projects at a large scale and supply to the nation builders and for their housing colonies in the kingdom since the existing company is supplying their products up to the site as per their requirement and specification with complete fixtures at a minimum price in the country.

As such, we must support and encourage such manufactures by rendering services to the developers like NHDC, CDB, MoWHS, City Corporations and real estate developers for their full support and usage. 

 Tshering, Thimphu