Information on Covid -19 vaccines


The efficacy of some COVID-19 vaccines relies on having two doses within a certain amount of time, which is within 12 weeks maximum for AstraZeneca vaccine.

Failing to get timely second dose vaccine will have no result even after having the 1st dose is initiation, therefore, getting the second dose will be more important than anything else.  

As such, people in and around the country are advised not to miss the second dose by all means so as to meet the dreams of our Majesty  The King for the complete protection from Covid-19.

As the programs is aimed at vaccinating large proportion of population with complete vaccination for His Majesty The King is advising for the successfully implementation of the program. Now even the second dose is given after a three-month period will run in the same manner with the same scale so that everything will come out efficiently as first dose. Because according to the experts, vaccination doses should not be mixed.

The reason behind this that all vaccines are made differently and therefore they work differently, for example, the RNA vaccines deliver an immune response that is different from that of Covaxin or Astra Zenerca.

That is why it is said that mixing the vaccine may not provide suitable outcomes. Since our Health Minister has been honored as the presidential for the World Health Assembly recently which in turn would draw more an effective strategy measures for reducing disease and might have advantages over program with a short boost interval for roll out of a pandemic vaccine when supplies are scarce in the short term.  

As such, the Ministry of Health and the concerned official are suggested to frame the application of the vaccine in the same manner as that of 1st dose in the country that took place smoothly so that transmission reductions will be proven for good in the country.  

Tshering, Thimphu