Embrace your heart with Yoga

As the World celebrates the International Yoga Day today, Jugnu Agarwal a certified yoga teacher from Bangalore (India), writes about yoga which is very important during the time of pandemic as everyone is undergoing panic, stress, depression and negativity.

How often do you tend to express your emotions openly? In a tense situation like this where the pandemic has disrupted our habituated routines, we are all undergoing panic, stress, depression, and negativity. Also, working from home has become a new norm with little body movements that blocks the blood flow making us feeling heavy and stressed. The piled-up emotions have taken a toll on our mind and body.

How to treat this? During these unpredictable times, resorting to yoga, meditation and spiritual practices can help in maintaining emotional stability and finding the right balance. Yoga, an age-old practice is a great way to avoid or outgrow unwanted emotional baggage.

Many of us don’t even know if we have emotional blocks. Here are some of the common signs to notice:

  • Feeling lonely/stuck in past
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Complex thoughts
  • Physical tightness
  • Feeling drained/lethargic all-day


To find that perfect balance between your mind and body, you need to say goodbye to those unresolved emotions inside you. This is where yoga come into the picture. Yoga helps you resolve your emotional tensions in the body and experience the healing that comes with it. It helps you see inwards- trace the trapped emotions and bring them to the surface. Practicing yoga regularly can unblock all the energy channels, thereby, increasing your energy flow making you feel light and free.

Some people have reported a sudden burst of emotion right after the practice. As a yoga instructor, I have witnessed some students burst into tears and some with joy, depending on the nature of emotions and type of body.

Now the most important question. How can you use yoga techniques for emotional release? I have listed down some of them for you:

Focus on your breathing: Breathing is the very essence of life. By following the correct breathing technique, you can flush out all the unwanted stress and create balance and harmony in your body and mind. Yoga stimulates your emotions, bring them to the surface and release them.

Backbends and hip opener pose: Did you know that the majority of our emotions reside in our throat, chest, shoulders and hips?  If you feel tightness in these areas, it’s a warning that you have been accumulating a lot of emotions within you. Trust me, hips don’t lie. It’s time you should focus on these areas to release the unresolved emotions sitting there. Back bending and hip opening poses have always helped cleanse deep emotional stress. Some of the effective poses are chair pose, pigeon pose, cobra pose, downward-facing dog, fish pose, wheel pose.

Open your heart chakra: Your heart chakra is one of the seven wheels of energy in the body. Stress and emotional pain tend to gum up your heart chakra if you don’t release them. These in turn affect your own mental wellbeing as well as your relationship with others. With the help of yoga, you can keep your heart chakra open, clear the emotions, thereby developing a deep compassion for yourself.

Yoga is more than just a bunch of poses and exercises. It’s the way of life. It helps you breathe better (the very essence of life), think clear, and releases all your emotional baggage. Transform your life by embracing your heart fully and witness healing in its truest form. Gift yourself a clear, cloudless mind, a heart full of empathy and a balanced body.