We are beyond blessed

At a time when the nation is still reeling in battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, His Majesty The King’s main focus now is to ensure the people’s well-being and safety is assured and protected.

His Majesty’s recent Royal tour of eastern Bhutan to monitor the spread of community transmission in Merak and Sagteng had even made the people of Bhutan to increase the sensibility and devotion to The King. People of Bhutan feel we are beyond being blessed for having a compassionate and noble leader as His Majesty.

Bhutan has been doing a commendable job when it comes to handling the pandemic. The country has been taking strict precautions and has proved how, for the government, the wellbeing of the citizens always comes first. 

His Majesty the King has always been at the forefront of the preparedness and response plan to coronavirus pandemic, providing extraordinary leadership and vision to keep Bhutan and its people safe from this pandemic. His Majesty the King is a selfless COVID-19 warrior of the country.

Bhutan is being applauded time and again by the international communities for its commendable precautions taken during the pandemic. Once again it is proven that it puts the health of its people over everything else. His Majesty’s tour in Bhutan’s eastern border areas to check illegal crossings that could increase the spread of COVID-19 was once again highlighted by the international observers and media.  

His Majesty has rarely been home since the pandemic began, and is busy patrolling and ensuring the safety of his country.

In a recent interview by CNN with the Prime Minister, Dr Lotay Tshering said that since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, His Majesty The King has spent almost 80 percent of his time outside the palace, mostly in the bordering areas in the south of the country.

The extraordinary leadership of His Majesty during the Covid-19 pandemic was also highlighted by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) country representative, Dr Rui Paulo de Jesus.

No individual in the country is put under financial hardship due to current COVID-19 pandemic in Bhutan. Not only free testing and medical services but all meals and accommodation are provided freely by the State at the designated quarantine and isolation facilities.

His Majesty’s relief Kidu provides immediate financial support those affected and loan payments are differed.

To fund His Majesty Kidu Relief Fund, His Majesty, Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Limited is offering sale of shares since 15 June held in the name of Songchop (security)  Fund and  Kidu (welfare) Fund.

The love and faith of citizens have deepened towards The King for compassion and sacrifices during the time pandemic. 

We are beyond blessed for having such a warrior as our leader to successfully steer us through these times of gloom and despair. We are forever blessed.