Parents and students in big dilemma

The Ministry of Education should design the tertiary education system to keep abreast with the emerging and demanding situation. It must build a resilient education system much ahead in time to absorb any kind of shocks.  

His Majesty has rightly highlighted that the Education system need to be reformed and so is the institution for a transformative and lifetime learning opportunities. This year another round of shocks and anxieties has befallen on aspiring parents and enthusiastic children as many average students are not able to secure admission in the limited RUB colleges, private colleges and institutions in the country.

It seems the problems are caused due to the government not being able to send higher performing students on various scholarships in neighboring countries and affordable parents desired to enroll their children within the country. It is an acceptable situation during such unprecedented times.  

However, it’s becoming a nightmare experience for both parents and their children as all their desperate attempts to seek admission go in vain and remain futile when suddenly the doors to pursue higher education remain closed without any alternatives. From words of mouth, there seems to be thousands of students unable to find admission this year itself, and the bigger problems ahead in terms of reaping the potential of our children for the future of our country.

If such situation continues, without taking timely intervention from the authorities, our children may be traumatized, remain de-motivated and psychologically affected causing grave consequences in the future.

The situation would be staggering as the yearly intake would remain same due to limited seats in the tertiary institutes and increasing number of high school graduates.  

 As a concerned parent, I would like to request concerned authority for timely intervention by increasing the intake of the students in existing RUB colleges and also in private colleges. Such measures would be a relief to both the parents and students during such unprecedented times.    

Tshering, Thimphu