Local vegetables farming should be encouraged

Thanks to the covid-19, Bhutanese people are made aware of the products like vegetables and others agriculture products in the country. Earlier Bhutanese people depend much on outside vendors because of the cheapness and affordability.

These days due to lockdown and the pandemic, people buying food from outside are restricted and the Bhutanese people are forced to cultivate their own vegetables in their gardens as in the past.

In the past, Bhutan was a agrarian nation and self-sufficient as far as eatable items were concerned in those period except for  salt that we bring from the Tibet in exchange of wheat, rice and chilies as barter system was adopted in those days. It proves that Bhutan was exporting eatable items to Tibet even in those days. In early 19th century onwards Bhutan started importing almost everything due to price and availabilities of commodities across the borders at minimum price.

Now, we should take the advantage of using our youth for the agriculture production by providing full security schemes such as pension and other benefits like civil servant for those who are working in the farm for their survival, so that they could concentrate in this line for the future development of the agricultural at large. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests must encourage local products in the country as locally grown foods help us to maintain our farm green. The open space in your community can be used efficiently as local food proves to be safer with freshness, taste and likely to be more nutritious. It will also support seasonal needs and help to discover new foods and help us to eat mindfully by producing less waste.

Moreover, the initiative will also support local business by supporting sustainable agriculture and give income to our farmers. As a result locally grown food will create important economic opportunities, provide health benefits and help to reduce income gap between the rich and poor by bringing the community together. This will also give people the opportunity to make a difference as it help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint.

The agriculture revolution may also reduce automobile use and traffic congestion, resulting in better air quality and less urban slums. Local vegetables are normally organic and we know its benefits as organic produce means less pesticides and more nutritional properties as the product doesn’t contain any preservatives.  

Moreover, eating locally produce product ensures that your food has not travelled thousands of miles using fossil fuels that produce large amount of greenhouse gasses, it also ensures that your food hasn’t been refrigerated for hours or even days, which also produces huge amount of greenhouse gasses. It is  capable of absorbing the infrared radiation thereby trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere and by increasing heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse are responsible for the greenhouse effect which ultimately leads to global warming.  

Tshering, Thimphu