Three years on, community rekindles an old pledge

Gangzur-Minjey MP Kinga Penjor said that his pledge of establishing a community radio station in the constituency is highest concern and priority

The Public of Gangzur-Minjey awaits a radio station in the community as was promised by their winning candidate

Sangay Rabten

Reminiscing the pledge made by their political candidate during the 2018 elections, the public of Gangzur-Minjey in Lhuntse are now waiting for community radio station in the community as was promised.

The Member of Parliament (MP) Gangzur-Minjey constituency, Kinga Penjor, had made this personal pledge, to establish a community radio station besides the DNT party pledge, during the elections.

The voters of the constituency still remembers the manifesto of their representative but nothing had been done till date.

Yonten Lhendup, 38, from Ney chiwog under Gangzur gewog said that people are still waiting for the community radio station. He said: “It was a pledge of the MP but it seems he forgot as he did not talk about the constructing radio station during his constituency visit.”

He says that the public understands that the government is struggling to combat the virus. Yet, he says that pledges should be fulfilled because it impacts voters.

However, more than establishing a community radio station he said it would be more helpful if government provide loans for vegetable cultivation.

Sonam Wangmo, 56, from Ngar Chiwog, Gangzur said that there no any information on community radio station though pledge was made by the MP. She said that it would be a new feature for the village and would bring immense benefits for the community.

From Zham village in Gangzur Rinchen Wangda, 59, said that there is no signs of community radio station coming up as promised. He said that news are accessed through different platforms like BBS TV and radio and it is not really important to set up community radio station. He said rather it would be appropriate if the government come up with other necessary pledges.

Cheki Wangchuk, 45, from Jalang chiwog under Minjey gewog said people still expect for the establishment of the radio station.

He pointed out that the present government could not do any beneficial work and the term is almost coming to end. “Of course, we know government is doing their best to control the COVID-19,” he said.

Pema Tshomo, 35, from Zham chiwog, Minjey gewog said that community radio is not really a need. She however expects the government to improve the road condition in their village. She chided that her MP must have pledged to establish community radio station as he came from media background.

Singye Yangdon, 34, from Minjey said that public would grateful to the government if school is upgraded till class X and radio station is not an immediate need.

Meanwhile, Gangzur-Minjey MP Kinga Penjor said that his pledge of establishing a community radio station in the constituency is highest concern and priority. “I will fulfill this pledge unabridged,” he said.

The MP said he had discussed the matter with the minister of Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) and shared even to the Prime Minister.

He said that managing budget is a challenge as the government has many national priorities. Yet, he said he will look for assistance from other sources and agencies like Tarayana Foundation.

MP Kinga Penjor said that his pledge of establishing a community radio station is not for a mere purpose of entertainment but to help in preservation of culture, mainly intangible asset like local dialects.

He said that he would not leave his pledge unfulfilled. The MP also said that he has already got the green signal from the MoIC Minister and the Prime Minister.