Lily Wangchuk resigns from DPT

Liily Wangchuk the candidate from the North Thimphu and the Vice President of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa tenders her resignation on 30 July

Sonam Penjor

Lily Wangchuk who is the candidate from the North Thimphu constituency of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) tendered her resignation to the Party President. She was serving as the party’s Vice President.

She said, “I have had great experience working with the most seasoned politicians of our young democracy.”

The VP added that her political journey began in 2012 after her battle with cancer, which eventually pushed her into politics desirous of being a part of positive contribution.

“I firmly believed that if the motivation of embracing politics is pure and positive, it is also a platform to practice spirituality.  With the new leash of my life, I couldn’t wait to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum,” she said.

However, she said that the party that she led didn’t succeed due to innumerable reasons that were not favorable for her newly formed party, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT).

“My enthusiasm to contribute positively to our young democracy was further bolstered when I was approached by Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) in 2017.  I consented to join based on our understanding and agreement that DPT will include the social agenda of DCT,” Lily said.

 She added that her iinner urge to contribute and stand up for the voiceless especially women, youth, disabled and people from disadvantaged backgrounds returned to her when DPT accepted these as genuine issues to be in their manifesto.

“But most importantly, I saw my entry into DPT as an opportunity to contribute towards national solidarity and unity which had got affected since the political transition,” she said.

As she was not elected and could not represent the party in the National Assembly, she said her positive contributions to the party from within became challenging.

Being at the background of the opposition party, has not rendered opportunity for me to fulfill the aspirations to align the party’s image as well as its policies with the unique democracy that Bhutan must have considering the geo strategic location and geopolitics in the region.

“I have always believed that our Monarchs know the best how to steer our country in the 21st century. Being a young democracy, it is important to derive inspiration as well as seek the enormous knowledge of leadership and governance from His Majesty the King.”

She said she is gratified for being able to  motivate women to embrace politics, represent the voices of women, youth and disadvantaged groups which has now been mainstreamed in DPT’s manifesto and also strived to contribute towards a harmonious political environment as a founding member of Bhutan Democracy Dialogue.

Lily further said that it has indeed been a great honour and privilege being part of the democratic political process.   “I am grateful to the party leadership, members and supporters within the party for the responsibility and trust reposed in me and I will cherish the special memories shared with them. I am sanguine that this decision will pave way for the younger and enthusiastic political aspirants.” 

Meanwhile, she added that Bhutan has witnessed remarkable progress in terms of both democratic practices and good governance over the last few decades given the selfless and visionary leadership of our Kings.

“It is my genuine hope that all political parties of the present and future will not be blinded by the short-term gain but work towards setting Bhutan off on a journey towards the best democracy in the world, because Bhutan and our Kings deserve this for their sacrifices,” Lily Wangchuk said.

Meanwhile, the DPT Party President and also the Opposition Leader, Dorji Wangdi, said he can now confirm that she has tendered resignation and the party has accepted her will.