My work begins right away: MP Karma Dorji

Elected from the Bye-Election, Member of Parliament  from Nganglam Constituency, Karma Dorji took oath of office on 27 July administered by the Chief Justice of Bhutan

Elected from the Bye-Election, Member of Parliament (MP) from Nganglam Constituency, MP Karma Dorji talked to our Bhutan Times reporter Sonam Penjor his prioritizes and said that the construction of a 50-bedded hospital, blacktopping of farm roads, and supply of drinking water ranks my foremost priorities, amongst others will be his first priority

What are the advantages of being a ruling party?

As enshrined in the Constitution, the image of solidity is self-explanatory. The Government of the Day has a buoyant mood.

In a simpler term, given the imperative of continuity being the engine driving the country forward, in one’s tenure as the government, there are initiatives pursued as part of Plan activities and many significant projects that are beyond the Plan document. More specifically, the public policy priorities and civic needs will be well addressed.

 Amongst your pledges, which one would you prioritize first?

My work begins right away. Construction of a 50-bedded hospital, blacktopping of farm roads, and supply of drinking water ranks my foremost priorities, amongst others. These pledges are meaningful; to contribute high value and would result in the highest impacts.

I choose to take up the construction of a 50-bedded hospital as my first undertaking. I call this the mere urgency effect.

Will you be able to fulfill all your pledges in two years and  are your manifestoes doable?

There’s never enough time for me. I need to ruthlessly prioritize my most important work regularly. I say no to the rest. It means saying no to a lot of interesting works; primarily focusing on building a social, cooperative, and resilient community.

A few of my pledges are something that isn’t important but needs to be done quickly. The others are critical but not time-sensitive. Notwithstanding its intensity, I wish to produce top-notch works because I am dedicated to making sure every piece stands out from the crowd. And the ability to juggle projects and not missing a deadline are some of my notable professional experiences. In a nutshell, I intend to focus on quickly crossing off my list. I will make the best of the remaining years of the government’s term.

On one occasion, the Party President said that if the voters of your constituency voted for you during the recent bye-election, the road connecting from Nganglam to Tshelingor in Pemagatshel will be blacktopped. What is your view on this?

My commitment is sincere, as reinforced by the Party President. In all the discussions, planning, and consultations, I always bear in mind the plight and priorities of the constituency and beyond. The road connecting to Tshelingor from Nganglam is my enormous responsibility to represent my Dzongkhag, Pema Gatshel. Irrefutably, the community will benefit from the facelifts in developmental activities to take place. On a brighter note, this essential segment will solve the accessibility issue which is critical for any trading activities, I will translate this commitment into action.

What are the ways forward you wanted to take besides your manifestoes?

With deep roots in Evolution, all Undertakings are grounded in the conviction that the capacity for advanced progress is a source of distinctly human dignity; one that we produce exceptional and peculiar developments. Related, this right and ability to pursue happiness requires energetic social and political institutions- from Government to Workplaces- to supply moral order and speak to our deep human needs for virtue and belonging.

The impetus for change is from the social, economic, and technological developments. I have shared my commitments for the constituency and will work hard to realize them. Like I said, as is the nature of the democratic process, the Ruling Party is empowered by the people to push plans and priorities, both at the local and national levels. I hold this opportunity. I wish to organize in the here-and-now in a way that reflects the constituency I want to see in the future. Mine is a hopeful endeavour.

What would you like to say to the people of your constituency?

Two months ago, I travelled to Nganglam with dreams of making a bigger difference in the lives of the people in my constituency. Today, upon securing the mandate, my responsibilities are huge and time is short. Just as I have committed, in the remaining years of the government’s term, I will ensure all the short-term activities are completed and long-term plans initiated.

All over again, I am humbled by the trust and confidence bestowed upon me. With your blessings, I promise to make it one that is worthwhile.

Additional Comments:

To reiterate, it is a big opportunity for the three gewogs of my constituency. I see this as a significant milestone for Nganglam to make the turn to become the trading nucleus for the eastern part of the country, contributing immensely to the economic growth of the region and nation at large. And as pledged, I wish to set impetus to all facility and infrastructure building. That will be our story, the story of Pema Gatshel, and Bhutan in this democratic journey.