Tenants of Phuentsholing sought for rent waive off

In practically most of the low-income group residing in the town are stewing and are in tense not being able o pay their rents

Sangay Rabten & Tshering Yangki

In a pandemic lockdown circumstance, the tenants of Phuentsholing have sought for rent waive off from the house owners. In practically most of the low-income group residing in the town are stewing and are in tense not being able to pay the rents.

The tenants have approached to the house owners explaining the times have dawned with dire crisis persisting in all spheres of life due to the extensive lockdown. In the light business shut down with no income, tenants have asked the owners to waive of certain percent of rent. Some of the house owners have made a consideration while some did not.

Ugyen Wangmo said that paying rent has become huge burden when there is no earning. “We don’t want 100 percent rent exemption but expect at least certain percent of waive off but our landlord did consider any.”

Neither Karma Tshering Dorji’s request was accepted by the house owner to waive off certain percent of rent for his apartment. “I will have pay rent of five months together.”

 One of the small business owner of the town Namgay said that his house owner showed no sign of reducing house rent. He did not approach to the owner preempting that the owner will not consider after talking with the care taker. 

A 36-year-old petty contractor envies to the lives of civil servants paid even during the lockdown.  He does not have any work now with no laborers and unavailability of construction sites but he still has to pay Nu 12,000 rent every month despite the grueling situation.  

He said, “Upon several tries the tenants in our building at least got a 10 precent discount from the landlord. However, we did not get Kidu.”  

His family is having a tough time paying rent consequently paying for the daily necessities. However, his family is sustaining with the help of money he borrows from other people. 

On being asked what solution he can come up for the problems he is facing he replied “I think about going to other places in search of work but it is uncertain that I will get a work and having no place to live is challenging. The only solution I can see now is the pandemic to get over so life falls back to how it was and I can start working.”

Meanwhile, some tenants are in lighter note as their house owners understands the situation.

Pema Wangmo feel little comfortable after her house owner reduced monthly house rent by Nu 3000. “With this amount at least I can buy essential items,” she said.

Phub Gyem said paying house rent became worrisome with no income. Though the kind hearted land owner has waive off certain percent, she said pay rent is still a big tension,” she said.

She said that she got Kidu fund only once and it could help to pay rent if provided monthly. 

A civil servant Pema Choden living private residency shares she is fortunate enough to have lived in the house kind owner. The house owner waived off Nu 2500. “We are lucky enough to get kind lord where in some cases the relation has profoundly tensed between owners and tenant, as an immediate consequence, where tenants are being warned for eviction by the landlords on the payments default.

Amid the coronavirus related lockdown in the town, some landlords are being kind to tenants who are suffering from financial stress. The proprietors who did not waive off the rent have their own story to tell.

One of the house owners in Phuentsholing Karma Dhendup said that he is already offering lowest rent in the town. He said he could not reduce further as he has got pay money borrowed from others though loan payment is being deferred despite tenants approached to him.

“I want to do more with what I can but I myself is dependent,” Karma Dhendup said.

Sangay Penjor had let his tenants free for two months last year and this year as well. Now he waived off 30 percent. “I have to consider the situation my tenants,” he said.

Another house owner, Sonam Rinchen said that he had waived off few thousands of house rent as requested by the tenants. “We got to understand others’ problem and help each other,” he said.