It is time to go for quality steel structures

The ongoing construction trend in Bhutan is exercising and using only RCC frame structure buildings in and around the country. At this instant it is high time to go for steel structures as steel structural is often the preferred material used by architects and real estate developers because of its durability and flexibility that allows freedom when designing structures. The plus point in steel structure is that it can help maximize space in a structure as it requires less room than other materials such as concrete, apart from having disadvantage of extensive fireproofing cost involved, as steel is not fireproof.

In high temperatures, steel loses its properties and also that of bucking is an issue with steel structures. Moreover, steel structures are not suitable for houses, steel buildings create more heat inside the space, also steel is a good conductor of heat and so touches off materials in contact and often may cause fires. Hence steel structures also require additional fireproofing treatment.

But on the other hand, steel boasts the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. Therefore, steel creates a stronger building with far less material than concrete which means less material equals fewer material costs. Moreover, steel has a unique combination of properties that make it an ideal building material. Steel’s advantages in construction include speed, safety, optimal cost, reliability, lightweight and design adaptability.

Actually, structural steel design is an area of structural engineering used to design steel structures, in structural engineering; a structure is a body or combination of pieces of rigid bodies in space that forms a fitness system for supporting loads and resisting moments. Steel structure is a metal structure which is made of structural steel components connect with each other to carry loads and provide full rigidity. 

Structural steel is steel construction material which is fabricated with a specific shape and chemical composition to suit a project’s applicable specifications. Steel design, or more specifically, structural steel design, is an area of structural engineering used to design steel structures. In structural engineering, a structure is a body or combination of pieces of rigid bodies in space that form a fitness system for supporting loads and resisting moments.

Moreover, steel offers a number of significant advantages relative to other building materials which includes speedy construction, safety and value for money, robustness and ductility, prefabrication, reduces weight and architectural expression along with  configuration adaptability.

Therefore, Ministry of Works & Human Settlement has to think out of the box and also see other third country nations about the materials applied and used in their country for the skyscraper’s construction. We can also train their engineers and fabricators for good before it’s too late in the country.

 In doing so we are fulfilling the norms of environmental conservation at large at the same time bringing high rise building with low-cost materials having high strength. The longevity of the structure as well as improvement in building façade can be much better.

In addition, Bhutan’s susceptibility to earthquakes gives us all the more reason to explore for better building alternatives that can go a long way in saving precious lives.

It has more advantages over RCC structure and we must go for the steel structure in times to come once and we should be ready and equipped.

Tshering, Thimphu