Lessons from the Trashiyangtse flashflood

The recent flood in Trashiyangtse where three boys lost their lives is a grim reminder that schools located near rivers must identify the potential dangers and threat posed to young school kids.

It is a cue that parents, teachers and all stakeholders must take appropriate action for the protection of vulnerable children, especially to natural disasters that can be prevented. The concerned guardians should also shoulder the responsibility of communicating and warning the imminent dangers posed on these unsuspecting children.

The monsoon, while it brings joys to many, is also a time when disasters like floods and landslides are the most prominent. Therefore, it is important that you take extra care of the unforeseen dangers that could be a threat to valuable lives.

It is unfortunate that three young boys of Bayling Central School, Trashiyangtse are feared dead after a raging floodwater swept away by the raging Serkangchhu stream that flooded after days of heavy downpour in the region.

The school lost the students while parents lost their dear sons and the nation lost our youth.

School children are more susceptible to the dangers of the monsoon season. There are chances of being drowned or washed away by sudden floods during the rainy season. Therefore, unseen problems during the monsoon should be taken care of.

Schoolchildren are tired of daily classes and they sometimes plan a field trip to a nearby river. The young bewildered minds twist their sanity to unfold the threat to their lives by themselves. The guardians’ timely reminder can save a precious life.

The students always scoop for time for pleasure and tend to go off the school campus unnoticed. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant about children both on and off campus. This is a dare challenge to deal with the youth.

Sometimes, schools plan a class or club trip. A careful plan should be made ahead of the trip, knowing about potential safety hazards, and creating a plan to avoid or mitigate them, which can help to protect children from field trip injuries, drowning, and other hazards, and the school from liability lawsuits.

Supervision of children near the river, especially during the monsoon, must be done timely. This is especially for boys who have a high risk of being drowned or washed because masculine behavior overpowers power for pleasure compared to girls.

Students should be sensitized not to go or stay near the riverbanks alone, especially during the monsoon. We need to be wary and avert such mishaps in future as it has lifelong implications on all those affected.