From a musician to a record label company

Lungten Wangchuk

Karma Chimi

Driven by his sheer interests in music and songs led this 23-year-old musician, Lungten Wangchuk, popularly known as LWK, to start his own music studio, The Yosel Records.

Being an ardent lover he felt that Bhutan needed more producers and music production companies as it will provide more choices to the artist in the interest of their genre and to enhance the quality of music and audio production in the country.

He took entrepreneurship for his own employment and to lead an independent life.

As an artist taking on the role of a producer, The Yosel Records intends to balance out between traditional and modern music genres.

The studio provides all kind of instruments from western to traditional and it gets around five to six projects in a month.

Currently, the record label is networking with prominent companies to take up their projects. Although an audio-based label, he also plans to start visual production over time. His plan for expansion includes employing an additional producer.

Even before starting the record label, he was producing music and recording artists free of cost. Yosel Records usually produces songs that are in tune with the current music trends of Bhutanese youth.

Tshering Yangdon (aka Pinky), a popular Bhutanese artist who is collaborating projects with the studio, shares that The Yosel Records as a refreshing experience and feels comfortable as the founder himself has profound background on music.

The record label will also offer free studio sessions once a month on an appointed date. This is intended to help the under privileged youth.

His biggest project yet was producing a jingle for World Food Program’s project Happy Drukyul to promote healthy lifestyles through healthy diet.

While he hopes to go beyond the domestic market, he stated that his first step is to hone the production skills and then to take up international projects.

Lungten intends to have a tour around the country and give platform to the under privileged people to showcase their talent to a wider range of audience but such project will take huge amount of time and budget. He added that for such project, a proper sponsor is needed who is interested in the music production.

While there are other music studios producing contemporary music, he believes that, despite the competition, there’s still prospects to thrive off a small market in the country.

One of the challenges the young entrepreneur face is the varied interest and music genres which often create mismatch with different clients.  As he is new to the business, he also faces the difficulty to attract the interest of the people and encounter uncertainty of project and artist turning up in his studio.

Since the studio is in the initial phase, the young entrepreneur states that there is still more investment to be made in order to upgrade the studio. His initial investment in establishing the studio was Nu 250,000.