Light at the tunnel’s end for Phuentsholing

More than any other part of the country, Phuentsholing has been brought to its knees by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

After more than four months of lockdown of the town and daily detection of positive cases, now there is a good sign for the town with no positive cases for the past one week. However, it is uncertain if not taken care of and the good news could be short-lived.

As deadly as virus can be, the novel coronavirus has brought untold hardships to many around the world and still continues to wreak havoc without control. Similarly, this virus has brought hard-hardship to the residents of Phuentsholing for so long.

The approach adopted globally has predominately been a partial lockdown of all sectors of the economy, with the exception of essential services. The same was applied in the town but detection continued.

Despite being a global crisis which has caused wanton devastation across the entire world, the deadly coronavirus can be said to have its pros and cons if critically analyzed. Mirroring first from the angle of bad, it is obvious that the impact on health, the economy, businesses, education, and food and agriculture of the novel coronavirus has been a hard hit and the consequences quite alarming.

Talking about health, one can not dispute the unprecedented human and health crisis brought upon many lives in Phuentsholing due to the effects of the global pandemic. From the widespread concern, fear and stress which dominates and is accompanied by mental trauma, to the health risks posed to the lives of people as well as the financial burden having to pay bills and rent besides family expenses.

The global pandemic has crippled many businesses resulting to a huge loss of revenues which further necessitated many layoffs within the shortest period of time, which would be hard revive.

There is no doubt we are currently living in hard times as a result of the COVID-19 which poses threat to the residents, ensuing economic distress, but also for its invisible emotional strain. The state of the town is was on tenterhooks without befitting and it still is.

Although the measures put in place were geared towards containing the spread of the novel coronavirus in the area. It brought about the horrendous and unforeseen circumstances which ought to be destined in no uncertain terms.

All have felt the effects of the lockdown imposed in Phuentsholing. It is relaxed taking cognizance of the upsurge in the coronavirus cases recorded in the country but let’s give the honor to whom it is due in this regard. Now the residents can heave a sigh of relief and part ourselves in the shoulders for good and say-“It is well”.