Enhancing Intellectual Property Rights in Bhutan

Minister for Economic Affairs Lok  Nath Sharma  launches  the report

Intellectual property Resource and Management Diagnostic Report for protection system as a stimulus for social and cultural technologies



To use Intellectual Property (IP) protection system as a stimulus for the social, cultural, technological and economic growth of the country, the Department of Intellectual Property (DoIP), under Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) launched the Intellectual Property Resource and Management Diagnostics Report 2021 on 30 August.

The report was prepared by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in consultation with the Department of Intellectual Property and other stake holders.

The report mainly highlights resource and management diagnostics which would help to identify the gaps and recommend areas for improvement to deliver the necessary objectives of the intellectual property to full fill their vision.

The initiative would further provide guidelines on the assessed framework such as IP system stewardship, IP legislative and policy framework, role clarity, institutional arrangements, financial arrangements and fee structures, public outreach and awareness and operational excellence.

The diagnostic report also identifies better regulatory practice and related gaps and weakness in current practices along with a set of recommendations to mitigate these. The recommendations focus in four main key areas which include managing change, demonstrating value of IP, strengthening IP foundations and underpinnings for operational autonomy.

During the launch, Economic Affairs Minister Lyonpo Loknath Sharma said, “The report is very important as how do we go forward and identify the gaps that we have seen so far.” He further added that such reports will give more solutions and approaches as the country moves forward.

DoIP’s Director General (DG), Kinley Tenzin Wangchuk said, “It will give us clear set of steps to be followed towards gaining better efficiency, optimum use of resources and providing more timely services to the users of IP.”

The DG further said that the department is engaged with the right holder where they come to register for their creativity and get certificate for registrations.

The advantage for registration is that the rights’ holder can sue for legal process if their works are being copied.

DoIP further encourages rights holders by providing incentives, encouragement and stimulates to ensure that their work which is well protected and respected so that they get due and remuneration from the sale and use of their work, added the DG.

“We also engage in producing awareness and outreach materials on all topics of IP through pamphlets, audio visual programmes and IP based theme song in musical form and we are thinking on increasing the use of online services through social media to reach out to the people,” added the DG.

The DG further added that DoIP also started to produce IP magazines since 2017 to reach out the people not only to educate them on role of IP but to ensure that their work is respected and protected.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the diagnostic report 2021, the DoIP hopes to implement all the accessed framework and recommendation for further improvement of roles and responsibility to bring efficient results and effective use of the resources.

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