Nu 500-M allotted for widening and blacktopping of Tshelingor-Tshobally SNH

Minister for Works and Human Settlement Dorji Tshering



The road connecting from Tshelingor in Pemagatshel to Tshobally in Nganglam, which falls under the category of Secondary National Highway (SNH), has been allocated Nu 500-million (M) for widening and blacktopping activities during this 12th Five Year Plan (FYP).

The Minister for Works and Human Settlement, Lyonpo Dorji Tshering, said that Pemagatshel is one of the most connected dzongkhag in terms of road connectivity in the country. “This is one of the biggest SNH roads in the country and the government has invested huge amount of the budget on it,” he said.

This year the 10-km of roads will be blacktopped and other phase of blacktopping will be done by next year as the ministry has already allocated the budget. However, blacktopping of roads will be done wherever required.

Lyonpo added that connectivity of the roads is made possible because of the governments of the past and the present. “It is the combination of all the past governments including the present government, the connectivity of the road has reached to a very high level in the dzongkhag.”

The road connecting from Khothagpa-Khar-Tshebar to Tshobally is only the SNH which is a second category.

Lyonpo said SNH in the country has some standards. The road which connects from Tshelingor till Tshobally is not to the standard but Lyonpo said there are many SNH roads which are not upto the required standards. The roads include those from Punakha to Gasa, Sunkosh to Dagana, Ganggola to Lhuentse among others which are not to the standard.

However, Lyonpo said that while traveling to Nganglam or to other places, commuters can chose a route from Denchi which has got blacktopped.

The timeline for the blacktopping of the road connecting from Khothagpa-Tshobally is about 90-km and Lyonpo said the department has proposed another projects to the government. “We have diligently submitted our proposal and are in a process of getting approval and once the project is approved, the work will start soon,” Lyonpo said.

 “We are investing a maximum budget of over Nu 500-Million on the SNH of Tshelingor to Nganglam,” he said.

The public of Pemagatshel Dzongkhag also feels that after the second democratically elected Government, they have left the Dzongkhag in idle. However, Lyonpo Dorji Tshering said that there are many SNH which are left untouched.

At present, about 67-km roads from Ganggola till Lhuentse, 73-km of road from Punakha to Gasa among others are not yet touch. There are no questions of saying that, the road connecting Tshelingor to Tshobally alone is left untouched.

However, the roads connecting from Tshelingor to Nganglam is being taken up by the present government. “The road from Tshelingor till Khothagpa which is of 36-km, is under huge widening activity,” Lyonpo said, adding it doesn’t mean that the government is neglecting this road because some of the SNH in the country are not yet touched.

Meanwhile, the roads from Nganglam till Tshobally have got blacktopped.