After more than a decade Miss Bhutan Pageant comes back to life

Miss Bhutan Pageant will kick start from mid October this year



After more than a decade of lull, the coveted Miss Bhutan Pageant has returned and will kick start from mid-October this year.

The reason for the decade-long halt was partially attributed due to the organizers being busy with their personal life and holding different posts in different institutions in the country. 

Many Young women in the country apprised the organizer about the return of the beauty pageant.

The motive of the beauty contest, according to the organizers, is to provide a platform to the young women of Bhutan and for inculcating soft skills into the young mind.

Karma Tshering, the organizer of the event stated that the beauty pageant will emphasize more in educating the contestant rather than in glamour and entertainment. 

Sonam Choden Retty, the winner of the 2010 Miss Bhutan shares that winning the title was a huge change and that many opportunities came for her, and it helped her in knowing more about herself.

One thing that Bhutan’s beauty Pageant differs from the international market is in the field of discipline and instilling values to the contestants. 

Currently, there are more than 300 applicants registered for the contest. All the applicants will undergo an audition where it will be downsized to just 50 finalists. 

Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) and related media sites will broadcast the show and the organizers are hopeful there will be more audience this time as our citizens have become more entertainment and media savvy.

The contestants will also be educated and nurtured by well-known officials in order to boost their knowledge and confidence.

Unlike the 2010 beauty Pageant, the upcoming beauty contest will be solely based on the points provided by the judges and not through the popularcSMS voting process as it pressures the contestant and their kins.

Back in 2008 and 2010 Miss Bhutan Pageant, the event organizers had to literally call young women to contest but now, there are more candidates turning up and the organizers don’t have to go scouting for potential contestants.

For such events the biggest challenge is to have sponsor and rally funds, says Karma but he is confident that the beauty pageant will be a success. 

The finale of Miss Bhutan 2021 edition will be held on 17th December corresponding with the National Day celebrations. 

The organizers also envisage providing similar platforms for men in the coming years.