The art of earning through arts

Mamta Subba



With a passion for contemporary realistic art, Mamta Subba, 31, from Chukha is today contemplating to become a fulltime professional artist.

The 31-year-old focuses on contemporary realistic arts which includes painting of human portraits as her passion to portrait human faces never dies.

She even paints on the wall for shops and cafes if required, while shoe paintings and fabric paintings are also listed in her contemporary realistic arts.

She believes that one can make his or her passion into profession. She said, “Not everyone has the courage to turn our passion to a lifetime profession.”

She further said that people do not realise their passion and even if one realise they don’t have the courage to turn it into a professional career.

Mamta says her greatest supporter is her father while her biggest influence was her late mother. Her younger sister, who is also a self taught artist like herself, also inspires her.

She said her younger sister is her biggest inspiration in her journey of arts where she was amazed by her sister when she saw her practicing consistently with the art works.

Mamta said, “Her consistent practice in art work let me realise that practice makes man perfect.”

The unique culture of traditional paintings in our country is well preserved and most of the citizens are aware of it, but as time passes many young artist emerges just like Mamta Subba who are much interested in contemporary arts.

She said today photorealism has become a trend in the country and that she is also trying her best to perfect it.

“I am fascinated with hyper realistic arts,” she said, hinting that she is delving into the world of photorealism.

She further added that she likes painting portraits of people.

She added that she is least interested about traditional paintings like architectural paintings.

She further added that for traditional paintings, she needed more practice while the paints and dyes used are also sophisticated and costs more.

Mamta started painting from 2018. However, she started making money from it only from 2021 after she switched her career as a full time artist.

She believes that well-trained artists can definitely be adopted as a fulltime career in one’s lives and that the returns are good too.

“In a month I earn about Nu 30,000,” she said, adding that she also once earned about Nu 70,000 for painting at one of the cafe’s wall.

She said that one needs to be excellent in what one does. She further added that one should practice consistently to become a professional artist.  

She takes art as a business where one can become independent and earn lots of money. She said, “It’s a business and once you get to know the business strategies and policies, the job becomes stable and secure.”

For instant her customer satisfaction is also her greatest happiness where most of her customers are very much satisfied with her art work.

One of her customer thanked for her marvellous art work where she painted their couple portrait, “Thank you sister for a very beautiful painting which was beyond my expectation.”

Another customer said, “What she do is pure heaven, keep on dreaming and create magic.”

Another customer who has ordered her for a fabric painting said, “Thank you! It looks so beautiful. ”

For Mamta Subba, art is also not just her passion but it has helped her to get through her social anxiety disorder.

She said, “In three years I had to deal with different people where I guess that’s how people become bold.”

Before her artistic work, she was an introverted person but in few years the artistic work has changed her to become more social, open, interactive and bold where it has helped her to stay mentally and emotionally strong.

She said, “When your passion becomes your profession, the life becomes easier and happier.”

Her order mostly comes from all the age range starting from eighteen to forty. She said, “Most of them are intended in creating the portrait of their own.”

She further added that some makes an order for the gifts, memories and some to convey its irony through the art works.

In the near future, she is expecting to have her own art gallery studio. 

Meanwhile, Mamta is learning to be a hyper realistic artist which is a daunting task. She further hopes to create paintings which are realistic.

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