MoLHR connects talents of youth with the job market

The job searchers were oriented to the various programs offered by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources


Through efforts such as sharing successful stories, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is connecting young people’s abilities with the labor market. On 13 October , the Department of Labour and Employment (under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources) held a “Gowa” event to exchange tales and listen to the difficulties of job seekers, which coincided with the 10th Royal Wedding Anniversary.

During the event, some 60 job seekers met at Thimphu TechPark for the second episode of the event, which is aimed at linking them to work prospects. The pandemic’s disruption of the labor market has necessitated such measures to listen to the issues of job seekers and also connect them to opportunities that are otherwise lost forever, according to the officials of the ministry.

The Minister of Labour and Human Resources, Karma Dorji stated that during such events, the government will hear from the youths about “their employment market difficulties.” He claimed that the ministry will assist young people in developing their abilities.

“His Majesty is concerned about the country’s rising unemployment rate, but His Majesty is optimistic that the country can harness the potential of the youthful population for the 21st century economy,” the minister stated.

“Through online and offline programs, we want to build every conceivable bridge between talent and jobs available in the labor market,” the minister said, adding that everyone may become talented and find work.

The secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Tashi Wamgo stated that everyone is concerned about the youth, particularly the unemployment crisis. She explained that the ministry is investing in infrastructure and providing skills to ‘develop ourselves.’

Kunzang Lhamu, the director general of the Department of Employment and Human Resources, said that youth engagement activities are held to inform young people about the ministry’s opportunities.

During the session, success stories of established entrepreneurs who followed through on their innovative start-up concepts were discussed. Over-the-top (OTT) platform Samuh, Green Road, and Yongchab Fabrication presented their entrepreneurial experiences to help others build self-employment and jobs.

The job searchers were oriented to the various programs offered by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources to help them navigate the labor market. Job seekers were informed about programs such as the Youth Engagement and Livelihood Program (YELP), Overseas Employment Program, Build Bhutan Project (BBP), Entrepreneurship Development Program, and Skills Development Plans.