Why are teachers’ quitting?

Despite being one of the highest paid sector under the Royal Civil Service Commission, the report from the education ministry reveals that more teachers are resigning more. Why teachers are resigning?

224 teachers voluntarily resigned this year and altogether 353 teachers exited the education system, including those who superannuated or whose contract term expired. There are no proper reports of teachers resigned from the private schools.

1,872 teachers have left the education system over the past six years. More were the regular civil servants teachers (1,374) comparing to the contract teachers.

In Bhutan teaching is a stable job with a job market that hasn’t slowed down.  There’s no question that teaching is a good career choice, whatever your future work goals are. But how comes still teachers resigns?

Teachers have the responsibility to shape and produce good future citizens of the country. A nation’s future is in the hands of the youth and producing good citizens’ lies in the hand of teachers.  The government has recognized the importance of teachers and raised the pay.  Even the quality of education was a concern and allocated a good proportion of the budget to the sector.

However, it seems there is failure in retaining teachers. There is need to look into the matter by the concern body both in public and private schools. Otherwise, how education reforms would be effective when experienced professionals leave the position.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why teachers quit their position. Many enter the profession wanting to make a difference in the community and their students’ lives. However, they quickly realize they are stifled by unrealistic expectations, ever-changing initiatives, limited opportunity for growth.

In reality, there are many issues in the classroom itself, from lack of funding, management issues, heavy workload, and over-populated classroom sizes. The other very sure factor is oversea dream.  

There could be personal issue for the attrition such as lack of skills, not passionate enough, too far from their house, until seeking for new careers and burnout.

Some teachers expresses that the perk is due to location and other strong factor is leadership. The kind of treatment by the school leaders force to leave the profession.

The other factors could be a heavy workload- co-curricular activities, fewer holidays, and intricate education systems such as the Bhutan Professional Standards for Teachers (BPST) and Individual Work Plan (IWP).

Hence, the Ministry of Education has to ascertain the causes of attrition and look for the strategies to retain the teachers.