Thousands of Bhutanese attended Buddhist circuit of India through virtual tour

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Tandi Dorji as the chief guest at the virtual tour



As part of the ongoing India@75 Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, the Embassy of India (EoI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, hosted a virtual tour of the Buddhist Circuit in India highlighting the eight iconic sites associated with the life of Lord Buddha on 25 October.

The press release from Indian Embassy states that the virtual tour of the Buddhist Circuit is a celebration of the cultural and people-to-people linkages between India and Bhutan.

The Amrit Mahotsav virtual tour of the Buddhist Circuit will serve as a precursor to spark interest in the International Buddhist Conference 2021 and the first edition of the Global Buddhist Conference scheduled in India from 17-21 November this year.

To maintain the spirit of the virtual Buddhist tour, the Embassy will also organize an Inter Dzongkhag Quiz on Buddhism amongst Bhutanese school students from 21 schools located in every Dzongkhags. The winning school team members will get to visit a Buddhist site of their choice in India sponsored by the Government of India (GoI). The other finalist teams will receive attractive prizes from the EoI.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lyonpo Dr Tandi Dorji addressed the audience during the virtual tour programme, comprising more than 2600 individuals across Bhutan and many more in India.

Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj said, “The virtual tour of the Buddhist Circuit in India being organized in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism is yet another opportunity for the peoples of both countries to celebrate the thread of Buddhism and recall the teachings of the Shakyamuni and Guru Padmasambhava who are worshipped and revered in both India and Bhutan.”

Ambassador also said “Our Buddhist legacy find its way in Indian national flag. Dharma Chakara is beautifully represented in Indian flag. It stands for movement, progress, and momentum. All of which are reflected in new India of today.”

Lord Buddha who is without any direction and boundary. Buddhism of India spread to almost all the countries. “The most beautiful part of Buddhism is a simplicity. There is nothing in live. That cannot be answered through Buddhism.”

As Buddhist nation, Dr Tandi Dorji said “We deeply appreciate the GoI continues effort for preserving and the promoting the Buddhism.”

Buddhist value and traditions permit every aspect of the Bhutanese culture and Buddhism plays a pivotal roles in the Bhutanese way of life influencing everything from the arts and crafts to the systems of government, folk dances, and architectural styles, added the Lyonpo.

In adding, Lyonpo also said that the excellent relationship that exist between the two countries draws a strength from a shared culture heritage and closed linkage in Buddhism since time immemorial. The Vajrayana Buddhism practiced in Bhutan is traced back to India.

“Since the arrival of Buddhism in Bhutan, many great Buddhist master from India travel to Bhutan and blessed to the land and the people. From the time in Guru Padmasambhava came to Bhutan in 8th century, Buddhism has irrevocably shaped country’s history and destiny,” said the Lyonpo.