Fridays for health: fostering healthy ideas

Foreign minister Dr. Tandi Dorji graced the first “Friday for Health” for the health ministry on 5 November 

Fridays for Health (FoH) is a monthly event of the health ministry organized at the ministry on Fridays to improve learning engagement and socialize among health staff



There is a plethora of international research showing the level of connection between employees in the workplace has a tremendous impact on their organizations, and what organizations can do to enhance wholesome engagement.

Designated for the exchange of ideas and information that promotes health, and to encourage bonding among the staff, the Ministry of Health (MoH) introduced “Fridays for Health” on 5 November.

It is an informal platform to foster a relaxed learning environment for health employees where different distinguished guest speakers will be invited to give talks on any subject matters related to health, Buddhism, farming and artificial intelligence among others.

According to the ministry, the organizer has the discretion to host the event in any manner deemed fit with the different guest speakers talking for a maximum of 30 minutes.

For instance, they say, some may opt to employ a hybrid mechanism, which is a physical gathering at the health ministry and virtual gathering for ministry staff in the field while others may like to provide refreshments and organize a potluck snack with no budget implications.

Officials working at the health ministry think that such an event would bring the employees closer to their organization’s central mission. “Though we work in the same ministry, many of us don’t even know each other. Low levels of engagement would negatively impact our productivity.”

The platform also seeks to promote a knowledge-sharing culture thus providing an opportunity for health employees and employees of allied health agencies to encourage bonding to boost employee satisfaction at work.

For this, the organizer would resort to organizing fun social activities such as games, singing, and pop quiz, among other activities.

At the gracing event, foreign minister Dr. TandiDorji spoke on “visioning the health sector in the post-pandemic era” focusing on restructuring of digital technology in the health sector. 

Supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) Bhutan Office, this informal gathering will be organized monthly on a Friday at the ministry for an hour where all divisions including WHO Bhutan will take turns to organize the event to foster new ideas.