Sibjam: A platform for local farm products

The founder Kinley Wangchuk at the launch



With an aim to address food self-sufficiency and security in the future, Sibjam or bees, was launched by Kinley Wangchuk, a businessman in Thimphu last week.

To ensure effective linkages between producers and consumers and reduce waste of valuable agricultural and other farm produce, Sibjam an online marketplace was launched on 9 November funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and facilitated by the Bhutan Foundation and Loden Foundation.

The founder said, “The platform will help the farmers to get to their right customer without any delay.” He even added that the buyers can register with the Sibjam as it is a Mobile App where they can access all the information regarding the farm products.

The founder said Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise as they were able to make a prompt decision.

He shares, during the first Covid – 19 lock down Bhutanese farmers did not know where to take their farm products whereas in the capital, there was limited supply of tomatoes and onions even after the lock down was lifted.

“Keeping that in mind I came up with the idea which will be self sufficient in the future,” says Kinley.

Though Sibjam is an online platform, the team are collecting the data from the farmers where it can be used as a reporting system which can be updated every season which can be a reassurance to the farmers.

“The App and the website are mainly for the buyers and the consumers for them to place order and to manage order where the farmers don’t have to go through the Sibjam App and the website,” said the founder. 

Before, farmers used to struggle to sell their products to the right costumers and markets but now Sibjam will help in accessing such services. They will also provide transportation and logistics to the farmers who come to sell their products from different regions in the country.

Meanwhile, Sibjam will connect over 1500 farmers with more than 200 types of organic and local farm products where for now they mainly deals on wholesale farm products.