Political mudslinging will lead us nowhere

The political psychology and political behaviors reflect the overall image of the country. It is the pre-requisite of every democratic system. For the healthy growth and better functioning of the system, a healthy debate is very much the most sought-after reprieve.

To keep morality in check during the political blame game is indispensable to sustain a good image of the country and its people. Political mudslinging and political agenda setting are always prevalent in democracies.

In the ongoing political imbroglio, the alleged misuse of the General Reserve Fund (GRF) by the Finance Minister has become the central issue for political discourse. Based on the report of Royal Audit Authority (RAA), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) sought the attention of the DNT-government on the issue of prudent use of national finance.

After initial allegations, the finance minister provided public clarification, however, PDP has refused to buy the government’s narrative and has asserted that the issue be raised at all fronts. The Opposition Party also urged the government to reassess the reprioritized and de-prioritized plan activities to ensure the implementation of the current plan meets ultimate objective – equitable and balanced development.

The debate, however, seems to be headed into a quagmire like and there seems to be no answer as to who is right and who is wrong.  

In other countries, different political stunts are always used to create hindrances and to tarnish image of political leaders. The sarcastic, pathetic and wretched remarks about the political personalities damage the national solidarity and integrity. The time and energy devoted to blaming each other has kept elected policymakers from carrying out even their most basic responsibilities.

The blame game at times become so unhealthy is that it is aggressive and attacking casting aspersions about another person (or group of people). Media has become the most potent weapon to promote this political drama.

However, political leaders of our country are on softer note as their actions and reactions are offered on a polite note. The public also understands that the debate may lead to nowhere if the guilty party do not own up to their flaws.

While the finance minister provides clarifications on the legitimacy on the use of GRF basing all as per the Act, PDP has called on concerned agencies to look into the matter and bring the matter to its logical conclusion. The Opposition Party also points the government compromising the national priority projects to accommodate bye-election pledges and discriminatory objectives.

The government now may respond to the Opposition Party’s press release; “A Case of Policy and Political Corruption – Violates the Constitution, Public Finance Act and Resource Allocation Formula (RAF).”

In this scenario, the public knows that directing and redirecting the conversation will never lead to a logical conclusion. Everybody across this country has some responsibility. What do we say to one another? How do we disagree and still not be agreeable, even when it comes to opinions?

As a nation, we should find how we can correct ourselves. Playing the blame-game and throwing the buck at someone will only prolong the actual matter – forget about coming to a logical conclusion which we can accept.