Their Majesties grace opening of third parliament’s winter session

His Majesty The King accompanied by Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen graces the opening session of sixth session of the third parliament on 24 November

Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel expressed gratitude to His Majesty for tirelessly traveling across the country for the welfare and well-being of the nation and people



His Majesty the King, accompanied by Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, graced the opening ceremony of the sixth session of the third parliament on 24 November at Gyelyong Tshokhang in Thimphu.

Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel, on behalf of Parliament, expressed gratitude to His Majesty for traveling extensively and tirelessly to monitor the Covid-19 situation, leaving behind Their Gyalseys and family, sacrificing meals and rest, disregarding personal safety and health for the welfare of the people and nation.

The Speaker also thanked His Majesty for granting audiences to the members of the regional task forces, people, students, and youth providing wise counsel and support during such trying times as the pandemic. “This has immensely benefited the people and the country.”

NA Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel further said that His Majesty the King established the desuung national water service to provide safe and reliable drinking and irrigation water for the people in the dzongkhags and villages.

Underscoring the immense benefits of the desuung skilling program, he expressed the Parliament’s gratitude to His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo for providing opportunities for youths to enhance their capabilities and empower them to take part more meaningfully in the process of nation-building.

“This has helped in the alleviation of unemployment in the country and benefitted the Desuung themselves in learning new skills, gaining experience and confidence, and finally, the people in enhancing their capabilities,” the Speaker said.

He also expressed heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty for granting land kidu to 191 Lunaps to build their summer homes along with necessary amenities such as access to safe drinking water, electricity and road connection, and also granting citizenship to 422 people, taking the total to 20,866, ensuring better livelihood and opportunities for them.

On the recently ruined paddies because of the incessant rain in the western parts of the country, he said, His Majesty had commanded the Prime Minister to visit the affected places and to meet the people for consolation and to convey the granting of Kidu to help the affected farmers.

“The affected people, as they are citizens of a Dharma country ruled by the Dharma King, considering the current state of the economy because of the pandemic, respectfully declined the Kidu and conveyed their deepest gratitude to His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo,” the Speaker said, adding the Parliament would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the people for such a gesture.

In addition, the Speaker on behalf of the Parliament thanked His Holiness the Je Khenpo for continuously holding various rituals for the well-being of the King, country and the people, and strengthening faith in the dharma.

The NA Speaker also extended heartfelt gratitude to Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen for shouldering the most onerous and yet extremely beautiful responsibility of motherhood in taking the best care of Their Majesties the Gyalseys while His Majesty was battling on the frontlines.

The Parliament also thanked the government, corporations and the private Sector for their timely collective help in combating the challenges presented because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s on the agenda?

Meanwhile, the ongoing Parliament winter session will deliberate the Civil Society Organization (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2021, Forest and Nature Conservation Bill of Bhutan 2021, Fiscal Incentives Bill of Bhutan 2021, and Customs Duty (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2021.

The deliberation also includes the Tax (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2021, Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2021, Royal Bhutan Police (Amendment) Bill 2021, and the Third Reading of the Biodiversity Bill of Bhutan 2021, and the Anti-Corruption Commission Annual Report, 2020.

In addition, the House will also deliberate on the international convention – Framework Agreement on the establishment of the International Solar Alliance Convention.

The joint sitting of the Parliament will deliberate on the Royal Audit Authority Annual Report, 2020, two Performance Audit Reports – in-country travels and implementation and management of National Broadband Fiber Network – and follow up on the implementation status of the Resolution Public Account Committee.

The Prime Minister will also present the annual report on the State of the Nation, including legislative plans and annual plans and priorities of the government to Druk Gyalpo and the joint sitting of the Parliament.