For the love of dance and music

Ugyen Lhendup Rabgay



23-year-old Ugyen Lhendup Rabgay from Bartsham, Trashigang an avid dancer and choreographer is the founder of the popular squad ‘Roars of the Thunder Dragon (ROTD) – a group that has brought together many young dance and music enthusiasts.

Despite making a breakthrough in the dance and choreography world, the journey for him has never been an easy going.

“I am very thankful to all my supporters including parents, friends, public and many more and am glad I didn’t give up on my squad,” said Ugyen, the founder of the group.

He initially founded the squad in 2017 which then went by the name Harmony, and whereby most of the members were child Artists and singers. Ugyen was a very passionate dancer from his very young age and used to coordinate dancing events even during his school days.

At one point in time, Ugyen and a few of his friends got the opportunity to choreograph during the film festival awards in Thimphu. During that time he met a few child artists who were also interested in dancing and then got the idea to form the group which, initially, had 13 members including child artist and singers.  

As the name ‘Harmony’ being commonly used in the country, Ugyen later changed his group name to ROTD.

Ugyen believes that thunder dragon which is also related to our country fits the perfect name for their group. “ROTD is a synonym for our energy and robustness. It signifies strength and glory.”

Till 2019 the group was very active where they performed numerous shows in the various platforms. But most of the platforms were in the form charity shows where earning was meagre and most left because of family and financial matters.

Ugyen said, “The parents are very much supportive but only upto a certain point. At some point they surrender on us because it is very difficult to etch out a living out of the profession.”

Nonetheless, Ugyen didn’t give up and he continued with his group setting new goals and objectives. “I want to continue the group even if am not the leader by entertaining new members who are interested to dance and sing. I want my group to be eternal,” he said.

Until the Pelden Drukpa show in early May this year, he gathered nine people with him to take part in the show. So they decided to take part in the audition where only after getting through the audition round they informed their parents.

Ugyen further adds, “We informed our parents only after getting through the audition as we have decided on our own to take part in the show as all of us are very much interested in acting though we performed only dancing and singing.”

Ugyen was very much overwhelmed after their squad participated in the show as the show was aired LIVE in the national television. For them, it was like their career finally taking that mush deserve kick-start.

Till date their squad was not much popular among the Bhutanese people, however, after their participation in the show the group became popular with the public. They became a household after winning the Pelden Drukpa Show. 

“The platform that we get to show our talent counts a lot where am thankful to the Pelden Drukpa show.” Ugyen was energized even harder after their win in the Pelden Drukpa show.

As the founder of the group, Ugyen was very happy for his other members as now they will be able to live up to their dream as they gets offer from the film industry.”Of course the door is now opened even wider for them.”

The 2018 Music Television (MTV), Lungdar (The Fortune Flags) a Drukyuel Flims production was viewed about 7,00,000 which was a hit for Ugyen where it was his first time acting debut in front of the camera.

“With the MTV Lungdar, I was satisfied as I played the lead role but it was even a fortunate moment for me when I got some offer from the film industry to act but I had to refuse because of my studies,” Ugyen said.

For Ugyen, he got the opportunities before unlike his group member in the ROTD but what made him happier was seeing his group member participating in the film industry. “After winning the Palden Drukpa we got offers from the film industry which we gladly accepted with a heart of happiness.”

Ugyen regretted for thinking once that he want to dismantle their squad and on the other side he was very glad as a founder for not giving up in ROTD.

Meanwhile, the founder has just finished acting in the movie ‘Leewang gi Shuyel’  while his other members of ROTD also got an opportunity to act in the upcoming movies and MTVS which will be with paid unlike the charity show.

The founder of the ROTD has recently graduated from ICFAI University, Sikkim with majors in Business Administration (BBA) in tourism and hospitality management.

Finally, Ugyen hopes to find a job while keeping his passion for acting and leading his group to ever greater heights.