SJ Thrompon-aspirant bares his heart out for a better municipality

Ugyen Wangchuk
Thinley Namgyel



Despite abundant water sources available in the municipality, the town is constantly challenged with inadequate safe drinking water for the resident of Samdrup Jongkhar (SJ) Thromde.

Therefore, solving the issue of providing adequate safe drinking water has become the main priority for those vying for the post of Thrompon in the Thromde.

One of the candidates, Thinley Namgay, 40, from Samdrup Gatshel constituency in Dewathang said currently there are many issues which need immediate intervention in the Thromde. One of the primary issues is the shortage of safe drinking water in the Thromde area.

For permanent solution and catering to rapidly growing urbanization and increasing population, Ugyen Wangchuk, 34, from Dewathang said alternative water sources from perennial rivers like Martang Neramo Chu and Mogorong Chu should be explored.

 “Inability to tap the resources despite having huge drawing capacity from current water sources is one of the defining and underlying causes. There will be appropriate interventions to leverage on actual capacity and strengthen the intake from same sources by developing distribution channels and establishing additional reservoirs,” said Ugyen Wangchuk.

Engaging with youth and the communities, Ugyen Wangchuk said that he had explored core issues and opportunities in the Thromde and had drawn a pool of untapped potential that can be harnessed only with game changing strategies. 

Having heard the views and voices of the youth and communities and understood the core issues and opportunities in the Thromde, he said, “I feel I am a candidate to view the issues and opportunities from different perspectives and in more sophisticated ways.”

Thinley decided to contest for the post of Thrompon because there are many developmental activities which are very much important and needed for his people at these hard times as the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I felt that I must take this chance in order to bring these positive changes for the people of Samdrup Gatshel constituency. Further, setting up of CCTV in the Thromde area and the areas nearby the border has become imperative to closely monitor the movement of the people during these pandemic times,” he said.

If given the chance, Thinley Namgay said that he would establish a Senior Citizens’ Society and provide efficient and reliable health facilities in the municipality among others.

As the Thromde has been dependent on agriculture, he said he would make initiatives and implement to take agriculture to greater heights, initiate road works in pursuit of promoting effective and sustainable road infrastructural in the town, establish sports infrastructure at Dewathang which will include futsal, basketball, volleyball and archery grounds.

Besides that Thinley Namgay also pledges that the Motanga industrial estate will be brought under the Thromde, and which would provide socio-economic benefits to the residents.

Meanwhile, in order to boost local economy and solve urban youth unemployment issues, Ugyen said that he would be emphasizing on promotion of Cottage and Small Industries (CSI), which is one of the five jewels in Bhutan and encouraged local production of CSI products in collaboration with relevant agencies.

Since SJ is one of the main transit routes for regional and international tourists entering and leaving Bhutan through border it has huge potential for regional and domestic tourism.

Ugyen further said that he will be focusing on developing and diversifying unique tourism activities such as encouraging home stays in Dewathang, bird watching in select places in the dzongkhag.

Lack of Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) station has also been a nagging issue for the residents of Dewathang. To tackle these issues, Ugyen said that the matter will be taken up with the relevant agencies and stakeholders for operation of fuel station in Dewathang.

Further, the Thrompon aspirant also pledges to develop service delivery standards focusing on reducing service delivery time and implement to improve public service delivery of Thromde and to address persistent problems of increasing potholes, flooding and blocking of drainage systems, and declining other infrastructure.

He said that priority would be given on gaping potholes and improving urban roads, drainage and sewerage system, footpath, street lights and other public amenities among others.

Meanwhile, Thinley Namgay has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and prior to contesting to the post, he served as Thromde Thuemi for three years and BCCI representative of SJ for two years. 

Similarly, Ugyen Wangchuk has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and prior to contesting to the post, he work as a Teacher and Administration Officer.