Specialist Toeb Karma conferred with National Order of Merit – Gold



The National Order of Merit, Gold, has been conferred to Toeb Karma, Specialist and Head of Cryosphere Service Division of the National Hydrology and Meteorology Centre in recognition of his exemplary services to the Nation through his work in preparing for climate-change related risks. 

Toeb Karma graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Jadavpur University in India in 1996 and MSc in Glaciology from Nagoya University in Japan in 2001. Since 1997, he has spent over two decades working to mitigate the risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in Bhutan. He has led several teams to study and monitor glaciers in the most difficult parts of the country and helped develop a comprehensive inventory of glacial lakes in Bhutan including those that pose the greatest risk to lives and livelihoods downstream. Between 2008 to 2012, he led a team to lower the water level of Thorthomi Lake in Lunana- a challenging but important project which has greatly helped mitigate the risk of flood posed by the lake. 

In 2021 he revised the inventory on glaciers in Bhutan using the high-resolution satellite imageries and RADAR data and published the “Bhutan Glacial Lake Inventory 2021”. 

Toeb Karma shares that, “To receive such award from His Majesty the King is a blessing and shows how dedicated I was to the service of the nation. With the award, there comes greater responsibilities in my future endeavors and I pledge to serve the nation more than ever before.”

He further adds that it was not an individual success rather the success of people who have supported him in his every journey showing unity which he is grateful and shares his success with them.