For a cleaner and beautiful Bhutan

” Tendrel for Environment ´initiative launched on 25 December



With the inspiring words from His Majesty the King; “Tendrel for Environment,” a nationwide cleaning competition with the underlying message for a safe and healthy environment was launched yesterday at Changangkha Lhakhang in Thimphu by the Minister for Works and Human Settlement, Lyonpo Dorji Tshering.

During the launch, Lyonpo said with the development of the country, it’s important for the country to also develop a fruitful waste management system. “I am thankful to the entire youth volunteer across the country especially for this programme.”  

Lyonpo further added that the initiative is a very good milestone in our quest for building cleaner living spaces that would also add to the beauty and calmness of minds.

Tendrel for environment comprises of 15 members including a group leader each in a team in 19 Dzongkhags. However, in capital Thimphu there are three groups taking the total teams to 22 across the country.

Each team will be competing for 9 weeks from 25 December to 23 February 2022 on different themes.

The theme includes cleaning competition in Dzongs, lhakhang, main towns, alongside the rivers, gewog centers, along the road sides and prayer flags management and waste management awareness programme with the objective to clean and advocate to message of cleanliness among public, and finally the outcome accountability.

Coordinator for the Tendrel for Environment, Sonam Dorji said, “Advocating the people on the awareness of the prayer flags by replacing the wooden prayer flags with the metal pole would be good for the environment.”

He further added he don’t see people going back to the prayer flag to replace with the new one rather they are left ideally. He adds that this kind of awareness among the people might bring small but meaningful changes in the society.   

President for Tendrel for Environment, Trulku Jigthub Rinpoche, also shared similar thoughts on keeping the environment clean. “Bhutan being a religious country it is very important for us to keep our country clean and to fulfil the expectation of His Majesty the King and also serve our people.”  

Dr Dechen Zangmo, Chairperson for Tendrel for Environment said that in order to keep our country clean, they have come up with three main objectives: “Cleaning, advocacy and outcome accountability.”

The Chairperson shared that this programme is initiated for the benefit of the mother earth and the entire humanity for all times to come. “A plastic remains on earth for millions of years but if we make awareness through this programme then the plastic won’t be on this earth for million years.”

On asking of the ‘outcome accountability,’ Sonam said, “If you say you want to contribute with us then you will have to register in over the top (OTT) by subscribing in Songyala Troten by paying Nu 1300 where we will come at your place to collect the waste.”

Sonam added that some people will put main effort where as some people will subscribe with them to be part of this historic initiative.

Sonam further added, “We will also publish a pictorial book where we will have your photo with the waste you have collected and we will submit the pictorial book to His Majesty the King.”

The programme looks challenging as per Sonam. “We are afraid because we might be harsh to the people when we say do it if you really want to do or else leave it as the subscriber will last for one year with us.”

Meanwhile, the overall financial projection comes around 34 million (M) which comprises 1M, 0.7M and 0.5M respectively as first, second and third prizes. Consolation prizes, administrative, logistics, travels and protective gears are also included.