New challenges of New Year

Happy New Year! We are grateful to God for seeing us over the threshold of a new calendar year. How fortunate we are under the compassionate leadership of His Majesty the King. We were sheltered peacefully amidst the pandemic, for which we are ever grateful. We pray that the current pandemic ceases and the return to a somewhat normal life begins with the start of New Year. 

The approach of New Year is usually a festive occasion. However, with the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country since 2020, things have been hard for all of us.  The New Year celebration this time is different.  Many of us have been looking forward to ringing in 2022 ending the harsh past year posed by the pandemic. 

The psychics of chaos triggered by the Covid-19 virus in the past still linger and it would come into our lives. All have been pining for the day when our lives would return to normal. 

The global outbreak of the virus has definitely presented challenges for the nation. Tourism, business, construction, import, export sectors, and the economy as a whole were affected because of the pandemic. 

With regulating the Covid-19 protocol, concerned authorities have been trying to balance the need for safety against people’s individual freedoms and the health of the economy. 

Although the Covid-19 vaccines and booster do present hope that the outbreak will be contained soon, it is not sure yet. The virus still did not stop across the globe.  

As a result, it can be expected at all levels to continue to grapple with the most effective ways to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Some issues that have been prominent in this year are likely to remain so in 2022.

The end of a year or a day is often a time to reflect on both what has been done and what could have been done better. While the gone days cannot be twined back, there is much ahead that one can plan for and impact in terms of tomorrow. 

For our offices, institutions, towns, and homes, there is room for improvement and change. 

Directed by the Royal Address on 114th National Day, people must rededicate services with accountability to the TSA-WA-SUM. As His Majesty pronounced the failed system, it should be corrected soon. The country must prepare to face an unseen future. 

There are new challenges coming in the New Year.