Wall demolished just months after completion

Thimphu thromde dismantles newly laid concrete wall along the Chubacchu-Jungshina highway


Just months after the constructions were finalized, the newly laid concrete wall above the Supreme Court along the newly constructed four-lane road from Chhubachhu to Jungshina has been completely demolished.

The wall that stretches about 260-meter was dismantled right after its completion and the works to install some 126 guard railings – two meters per railings – are underway.

While Thimphu thromde refused to comment saying it would share it through social media as and when they have more information, close sources say it would have incurred a loss of over Nu 1-million in wall-related works alone, besides additional expenses incurred for installation of guard railings.

Even before the wall was demolished many commuters and a nearby resident said the wall looked awful and anesthetic.   

A daily commuter along the highway said, “I have noticed a very tall wall built above the Supreme Court but right after its completion it got demolished. They are wasting the resources.”   

“At first I felt funny thinking why the Supreme Court is hidden as from the middle the railing continues which intends just to build the walls till the boundary of the court,” another resident quipped. 

She further added that it looked funny with the wall along and with a continuation of the railing but found recently it got demolished which will now look uniformly with railings.”  

Another resident said that while the rectification works are welcome, the Thromde should have considered it before as it is a waste of resources.

A taxi driver who drives locals from town to the Jungshina area said, “I think the concerned officials are wasting the resources as they could have planned ahead of the work.”

Some say that the demolished concrete wall was because it doesn’t look good and the guard railings were replaced to look uniformly. 

A senior planning officer from one of the ministries said that generally, it all depends on whom the land belongs to and upon the overall views and observations made by the people. 

Another corporate civil engineer shares, “Maybe the wall doesn’t have any structural purpose whereas the beautification and aesthetic look also matter.” 

In addition, he said, the concerned authorities should have planned it well and because of that flow material manpower, money and resources are wasted.

Meanwhile, the replacement of the concrete walls with the guard railings will take about seven days to complete.