DNT’s candidate says he has no gimmicks


The candidates for Khamdang-Ramjar constituency bye-elections are in close races attempting to extract votes by promising to improve a specific problem that an interest group cares about the most.

The public now experienced political extrapolation, the candidate of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) Karma Gyeltshen says there are “no political gimmicks” during the bye-election. 

He said, “Now people are smart and there are no false promises.” 

With just two years left to end the third Parliament term, the DNT candidate said that his pledges are correlated with the time and of course for the long-term benefit of the people. “This is the right time to pursue the pledges rigorously.” 

Yet, not to represent himself in empty hand, for Toedtso Gewog, Karma Gyeltshen pledges to propose a plan to construct a Basic Health Unit. Other pledges are to construct a mule track between Tsangpochen and Jangphutse, to construct a farm road from Bamchen to Singphu and Zodari to Nalangdung. 

To construct a farm road in Melongkhar from Thragom and blacktopping the road from gewog center until Yalang School are the pledges for Yalang gewog. 

Karma Gyeltshen said the people of Khamdang have an acute drinking water crisis and there is a need for the study to construct a water reservoir. Proposing a plan to construct a farm road from Lengkhar to Buyang, blacktopping Shali-Lengkhar road, and renovating the farm road between Khozor and Yumbu are the pledges for Khamdang Gewog. 

The bye-election candidate’s pledges for Ramjar include renovating the road between Tadzong to Tsangrong and proposing a plan to construct a bridge at Dungmanma. 

Amongst the pledges, the candidate will prioritize the construction of a road in Melongkhar as the village is not connected with the road. 

Karma Gyeltshen, 52, from Ramjar gewog has a Master in Business Administration from Kaplan Business School, Melbourne, Australia, and Bachelor in Business Administration, Periyar University, Tamil Nadu, India, and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Bhutan Polytechnic, Deothang. 

He served as chief executive officer (CEO) for KST Education and Placement Firm and CEO of Thongzor Export and Import Business. He had also worked as a general manager in the Toyota department of the State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited. 

He contested for the seat National Council in 2013 and National Assembly in 2018 as a DNT candidate but lost the election in both years. 

Karma Gyeltshen joined the DNT party appraised by the party ideology “Narrowing the Gap.” The founding members and supporters approached him to re-contest for the bye-election. Having more empowerment for changes that can be brought, he is contesting for the NA seat. 

He added that being a candidate of the ruling party would be an advantage for the people. Karma Gyeltshen is optimistic to win the election, getting a positive response from the people of four gewogs. 

“If I win, I will live up to their expectations and will deliver the promises, otherwise, I will leave politics,” he said.