Covid Phase-II: Treading with Caution

After almost two-years and a half of uncertainties and sacrifice, we are now treading the final miles of the first phase as we open up to new realities and variants of the coronavirus pandemic.

The past years since the country went into lockdown in March 2020 have been a tough going, but with the intervention of our leaders we were able to keep a lid on it despite the world colossally being shredded both economically and socially. Our cautious approaches, aided with a rigorous vaccination strategy, have managed to contain the many ill-effects of the pandemic, thanks to our beloved monarch who has been at the helm of the affairs during the toughest phase of our journeys.

We are now gearing for an all-new reality as we plan to reopen again. However, with about 95 percent of our populace already vaccinated, including our children and elderly, we have reasons to be optimistic that we will survive this new typhoon , if any, again.

But while the government, despite fears of the unknown and the unseen, has chosen to go ahead with the second phase, the onus lies on the citizens as the successes and failures that may lie ahead of us solely depend on our acts. The government can only do as much if the general citizenry were to falter and take things into their own matters.

It has now become imperative that we tread with utmost caution and follow all covid protocols because it will all depend on us. While wearing masks and following strict hygiene protocols have now become norm, there always will be few callous and insensitive individuals who will go astray. This is where the community can play a vital role by playing the role of watchdogs so that some callous acts a few individuals will not hamper us all.

We should ensure that even without Desuups and policemen watching us, we are able to follow the rules and socially discipline ourselves as it is for our own good. We should report the acts thoughtless individuals, if any, to the rightful authority as it might risk the entire population.

Yet again, we should also be wary of latest news developments from around the globe, including that from Hongkong where elderly citizens are facing the worst phase of their pandemic era. It is stated that the elderly and vulnerable population, including our infants, will be the most exposed to the risks as we plan to open up and relax our protocols.    

The reality of living with the virus is slowly dawning upon us. However, how we make and tackle of it will largely depend on individual roles and responsibilities. Let us all join hands to make it a collective national success, not only for ourselves but for our children and generations that lie ahead of us.