Reverse Isolation Facilities put in place in all 20 Dzongkhags under the command of His Majesty The King

Covid Reverse Isolation Facility


His Majesty The King’s foremost concern during the new phase in our national strategy to manage the COVID-19 pandemic is the health and wellbeing of those individuals who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, particularly due to health comorbidities. 

Reverse Isolation Facilities have been put in place in all 20 Dzongkhags of Bhutan upon Royal Command, to protect those individuals most vulnerable to COVID-19, and provide a safe space where they can effectively isolate themselves when there is a surge of positive cases in their community. This Kidu initiative stems from Bhutan’s continuing policy of protecting lives during the pandemic. 

The Reverse Isolation Facilities will have dedicated health professionals and personal caregivers, and be connected to relevant health facilities to ensure the wellbeing of residents in isolation. Priority will also be given to boosting the overall health of the residents with medical care and supplements. The Reverse Isolation Facilities will be maintained under strict COVID-19 protocols.

Reverse Isolation Facilities in all Dzongkhags are already being activated to evacuate those in COVID-19 surge areas. The most vulnerable sections of the population identified through the health system and dzongkhags will be contacted and offered the option to enter.