Spreading love through songs

Sangay Thinley


Sangay Thinley, also known as GhostBoy, is an aspiring rapper who intends to make it big one day.

The 23-year-old who is from Lhamoidzingkha, Dagana says rap is not only about generating hatred and dissent among people but a way to express one’s experiences, bad or good, through songs.

“I am in love with rap and hip-hop because every song tells a story,” Sangay said, adding it has been his genuine interest ever since he was a young boy.

So far Sangay has recorded about six songs, including his recently released single My only dear god, which has garnered massive applause in social media circles. His song, which he had uploaded in his personal Facebook handle, has gained close to 10 thousand views and 1.2k shares.

Sangay Thinlay usually records his songs via SoundCloud, and his lyrics embrace varying themes including social satires. His lyrical notes also comprise poetic and rhythmic verses with an equally heart-rending musical beat.

Apart from My dear god, his other singles include the likes of Monstor which is a cover/remix, Gawai Bum, and Om mani padmey hung. He is currently working on a new number titled End hi chowai sung which will be released soon through his personal Facebook page.

The 23-year-old’s personal favorite is Death Bed by Dreegyal Feat upon which he has also composed a cover version. Despite composing and performing new songs which takes a major chunk of his time, Sangay says the lack of sponsorships and money to record his songs remains some of his biggest stumbling blocks.  

“I am handicapped with budget constraints which is why I record most of my songs manually on my smartphone. However, I make sure that it doesn’t affect the overall quality,” Sangay said.

The aspiring singer said his songs have touched the lyrical chords of many fans, including viewers from as far as the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In addition, his Facebook fan page also boasts ten thousand followers which were achieved within a few months of launching.

Sangay said he performed his first song Choe Nga Lu in 2010 while he was a schoolboy in Phuentsholing and has since never looked back. International rap icons like Eminem and his song ‘Not Afraid’ remain his biggest inspiration. 

And despite all the odds and challenges stacked against him, Sangay says he gains strength from his mother and sister Kinley Zangmo who encourages him to pursue his dream. Though he feels that earning a livelihood through his songs remains a distant reality, his zeal, enthusiasm, and love for rap still remain strong.

“I will have to work and study hard if I were to achieve my dream of becoming a professional. I will never give up on my will,” Sangay said.

Sangay Thinley who is a formal student of Sonamgang Middle school is currently helping his parents in his village. He says he will pursue his studies in the coming academic year.