ACC needs our love and solidarity

The flag-bearer of our country’s anti-corruption drive, the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) is increasingly coming under undue and immense pressure to deliver their mandates, and help bring about a socio-cultural reform to weed out this social malice – corruption – from our communities which has, till date, crippled our developmental efforts and threatening to break our sacred social and moral thread.

While the ill-equipped and woefully under-staffed commission is leaving no stones unturned to achieve this ‘corruption-free’ dream, expounded by our beloved monarchs, they are also one of the most ostracized and disliked institution as they have to play the singular role of achieving a corruption-free environ so that we do not fall back in times and achieve communal and national harmony in the long run.

Apart from ostracizing ACC staff and commissioners, irate individuals who caught at the wrong side of the law, are threatening the commission’s staff and their family of dire consequences and even their lives. The recent episode at the Supreme Court, whereby a defendant attempted to murder an ACC official, is a resounding alarm that we need to protect these officials who are simply doing their duties which are, oftentimes, not so pleasant or sunny.

The ACC officials, apart from not being protected or without any security guarantees, have to constantly live and lead a life in anxiety, and with growing nuances of incidences of corruption in the country, and with an Attorney General’s Office who at times overlook some fundamental issues and throw the ball at the ACC’s court adds salt to the ACC’s gaping wounds.

We must ensure that our ACC staffs have ample security measures in place and are protected  so that they can discharge their duties without any fear, favor and intimidation otherwise there are darker prospects that they might also resign in the droves or leave in the hunt for greener pastures rather than live a life of fear and intimidation.

The ones that despise the commission and its staff are the ones who live in fear of exposure of their misdeeds, otherwise why must one shun an institution that is helping build a better future for ourselves and our children? There is nothing to fear and loath about ACC if we have lived and led an upright professional life, instead they need our moral support and reinforcement that we will respect and protect their values.

We have to ensure that ACC is not alone in their fight because we are all party to an institution that has the sacred mandate to uphold our societal and moral values. Today, the commission, more than ever, needs our love and support because corruption has become rampant and multi-tiered.

We have to join this cause and fight against wrongdoings and corrupt individuals, and one way of doing it is by sharing our solidarity with the ACC and commending them on their tasks.

Let the nation know that ACC and their staffs are not alone in this fight to sweep the dirt of corruption from our communities!