FM clarifies on Bhutan’s stance in expanding foreign relations

Jomotsangkha–Martshala MP Norbu Wangzom


Responding to a question raised by a member from the Opposition Party during the question-answer session on 10 June, foreign minister Dr. Tandi Dorji said the ministry is assessing the benefits accrued from establishing bilateral relations with countries.

On the establishment of diplomatic relations with five countries, the foreign minister said that the government had established relations with two important countries, namely Germany and Israel.

Though the government initially had plans to build bilateral relations with five countries, the minister said, they need to assess the benefits that would be reaped from establishing relations with other countries. 

Jomotsangkha–Martshala MP, Norbu Wangzom, said the government had pledged to establish foreign relations with five countries within their tenure. However, she asserted that relations have been established with only two countries to date.

Norbu Wangzom asked the foreign minister to update the House on which three other countries the government is planning to establish further bilateral ties with.

“Considering the country’s situation, establishing bilateral relations is important,” she said.

The foreign minister responded that building foreign relations is much easier. However, he said that increasing the number of countries is not important but that we have to emphasize on the benefits. He added many countries are willing to establish bilateral relations with Bhutan.

The foreign affairs minister said, “The DNT-government is following the middle path approach in expanding its bilateral relations. The ministry will soon submit a report to the government after the assessments are done.”